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Bus crash injures dozens in Lincoln Tunnel

New York – Upwards of 40 accident victims were injured when one bus rear-ended another during rush hour commute into Manhattan this past week. The rear-end collision occurred when a New Jersey Transit bus filled with commuters collided with a school bus filled with children. The school bus was transporting the school kids into New York City for a graduation trip when the bus accident occurred. Initial analysis shows that the commuter bus driver was unable to stop in time to avoid the crash during traffic. Further investigation was necessary to determine why this was the case, and to rule out driver negligence or criminal activity, such as drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs. Commuter advocates say that some bus drivers are not properly trained or don’t always follow safety regulations, leading to increased dangers on the roads. For example, drivers need to make sure that they are well rested and not tired from driving shifts that are longer than permitted. In addition, drivers must direct their full attention to the roadways and traffic conditions, adjusting their driving accordingly. However, some activists warn that bus drivers, much like car and truck drivers, have become too distracted by things such as texting while driving, talking on a cell phone or adjusting the radio. These actions create a dangerous condition that is more likely to lead to this kind of accident.

The injury victims were treated on the scene and some were transported by ambulances to various hospitals. Others were directed to see their private doctors for evaluation and treatment of their injuries. Experts note that some of these injuries may not become fully evident until hours, days or even weeks after the motor vehicle collision. For example, what starts off as a mild stiff neck or backache can sometimes worsen and end up creating a permanent injury with spinal injuries and nerve damage. If you or someone that you know are injured in a vehicle crash, it is advised to see a physician or go to an emergency room for evaluation. You also have the right to speak to a top injury attorney who has expertise in dealing with personal injuries after a motor vehicle accident. See this site for more about last week’s bus accident.

Illustrative Photo Credit: Doug Kerr [License]

Van rear-ended in truck accident on George Washington Bridge

New York – The driver of a van was injured in a rear-end accident just as he was getting onto the George Washington Bridge (GWB). The crash victim was driving a work vehicle and was on his way into New York City when a tractor-trailer truck hit him from behind. Investigators were called to the scene to determine if the truck was speeding or driving dangerously at the time of the collision. Reports show that the truck and van had just exited the toll barrier and this may have contributed to the accident. Motor vehicle accident specialists say that sometimes a rear-end crash can actually be due to the driver negligence of the vehicle in front. This is often the case when a car or smaller vehicle tries to cut in front of a slower moving truck or other vehicle. Legal experts explain that both drivers have responsibility to drive with due regard for others on the road. This means that the truck driver would have the responsibility to maintain control of his vehicle in order to avoid hitting the car in front of him. However, the van would also have the responsibility to not cut off another vehicle or swerve dangerously.

This motor vehicle accident on the GWB brings up recent accusations against the governor of New Jersey’s office, which reportedly closed several lanes of the bridge. Those bridge lane closures have been implicated in the delayed emergency response of ambulances and paramedics to several car accidents and an elderly woman that was unconscious. The 91-year-old woman died later in the hospital according to officials. Further investigations into the effects of the closed lanes and subsequent gridlocked traffic are ongoing. Although no proof has yet to be presented, accusations continue to be heard regarding the governor himself ordering the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to close the roads onto the bridge. This has left the public wondering if the governor’s office and the Port Authority are legally and morally responsible for the delayed ambulance responses and their consequences. Still others have expressed concern that other life and death delays, such as organ transplant deliveries, could have occurred due to the closing of lanes and subsequent traffic. Find out more about these delays here.

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