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FDNY fire truck involved in child pedestrian accident with serious injuries

New York – Fire Department of New York (FDNY) officials reported that one of their firefighters was driving a fire truck when it struck and injured a 7-year-old boy. The fire truck accident occurred when the firefighter was driving the truck back to the station house and hit the boy as he was walking. It is believed that the injured pedestrian was crossing the street when he was hit by the vehicle. The young accident victim was treated on the scene and then rushed to the hospital in critical condition. The specific nature of the child’s injuries were not fully clear but specialists believe that he suffered a possible head injury and may have internal bleeding. The collision occurred in Staten island and police as well as fire officials have been investigation the details surrounding to this serious accident with injuries. In the meantime, hospital officials say that they will need to continue fighting to save the life of this wounded child. Check out this article for further details about this fire truck crash.

Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo Credit: Edwin Martinez [License]

Falling debris from Manhattan, New York building injures pedestrians

New York – Two pedestrian bystanders were injured in a construction accident in Midtown Manhattan yesterday. Workers on a scaffold above the sidewalk apparently dropped a piece of metal onto the heads of the victims below. The accident victims suffered a head injury and a neck injury and were rushed by ambulance to the emergency room of a nearby hospital. According to witnesses, the metal debris was a piece of a sign and came down with enough force to bend it.

Trauma doctors explain that this type of accident can cause a range of concerning injuries, including a traumatic brain injury, lacerations, and spinal injuries. They note that even a relatively light piece of debris can cause serious injury or even permanent disability when it comes crashing down from a height. Psychological injuries can also be found in victims of this type of accident. Some of these injuries, such as a post concussion disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder or an adjustment disorder can be latent and only come out days, weeks or even months later. Similarly, some neck and back injuries can take time until they fully show themselves. Patients who suffer an injury like this are advised to seek medical evaluation at a hospital, or at least with their primary medical doctor as soon as possible. Reports show that the construction company and/or contractors on the job will be issued a summons and fine for not properly protecting the public’s safety in this work accident. For more details about this falling debris accident and the injured pedestrian, read this article.

Illustrative photo by Oregon Department of Transportation (Cleaning detailUploaded by Smallman12q) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons