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Multi-vehicle accident injures multiple motorists as well as pedestrians

New York – Multiple accident victims were left in the wake of a car crash in the Bronx. The car ‎accident apparently started when a driver tried speeding away from police and then slammed into two ‎other cars and several pedestrians. The pedestrian accident caused three injury victims to be rushed ‎to the hospital with varying wounds after they were hit by the car. Occupants of the other cars also ‎suffered various injuries from the motor vehicle collision and required emergency care in the trauma ‎center. The suspected injuries have included head injury with traumatic brain injury, neck and back ‎pain as well as possible broken bones and fractures. Witnesses note that the initial vehicle that caused ‎the car crash rolled over and landed on its roof. The driver of that car was arrested by police and will be ‎charged with crimes that led to an accident with personal injury. You can read more about this roll-over ‎car collision here. ‎

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Bronx bus crashes and falls from overpass

New York – A Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) bus crashed off the side of a highway overpass after it jumped the curb and fell over the side of the roadway. Police and federal transit investigators are still evaluating the bus accident but some are expressing significant concern regarding the cause of the collision. What is currently known about the bus collision is that the driver was making a turn on a highway ramp while driving an extended accordion bus. While navigating the turn, possibly faster than should be attempted safely by such a long and heavy vehicle, the bus lost control and hit a low metal fence that served as a guard rail on the ramp. The speed and force of the crash caused the bus to break through the guard rail and begin a steep fall to the roadway below. Interestingly, the rear section of the bus remained on the road above while the front section fell nose first to the road below. Images from the scene show the remarkable stop that the bus made just before completely crashing onto the highway below. However, the bus driver and multiple passengers inside the commuter bus suffered extensive accident injuries. The driver reportedly suffered facial injuries and possible head injury in addition to neck and back pain. Passengers were noted to have suffered both initial crash injuries as well as fall injury wounds after they were thrown from their seats and fell to the ground or floor. All of the accident victims were rushed to the emergency department of nearby hospitals for treatment. Common and expected injuries from this type of accident include traumatic brain injury (TBI) spinal injuries, broken bones or fractures, internal bleeding as well as others.

MTA investigators, police, fire and federal officials were then tasked with determining the cause of the accident. Reports show that the driver passed an alcohol and possibly drug test after the horrific motor vehicle accident (MVA). However, questions have arisen about the speed of the bus and whether or not speeding was a factor in the collision. It has been pointed out that the bus may have been travelling within the posted speed limit for that section of road. However, the extended length, height and weight of the bus require a slower and more cautious speed in order to safely execute such a turn. Further investigation is underway to determine whether or not due caution was exercised by the driver in addition to examination of the mechanical functioning of the commercial vehicle. You can read more and see video of the bus crash scene here.

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Brooklyn bus accident injures passengers and driver

New York – Passengers involved in a bus crash several days ago were taken to the emergency room for evaluation of their injuries. Officials say that a passenger commuter bus operated by the City of New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) was involved in a serious collision. The MTA bus accident occurred when an apparently speeding car struck the bus. This car accident and left many victims injured according to emergency responders. The accident injuries from the car accident are not fully known at this point. It is suspected that some of the approximately 14 accident victims suffered neck and back pain, possible fractures and even suspected head injury. Police have reported that the cause of the motor vehicle accident (MVA) was an SUV truck that was speeding and fleeing from police. They note that reckless driving was involved and the vehicle ran through a stop sign just before slamming into the commuter bus. Check out this article for more in the investigation about this bus versus SUV accident.

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School bus accident leaves multiple injured victims

New York – A school bus crash in the Bronx left at least 18 accident victims. Witnesses report that a minivan broadsided the bus for an unknown reason, setting off a series of subsequent collisions. Reports show that the van accident was apparently caused by an unlicensed driver who hit the bus, possibly while speeding. One report noted that the driver of the vehicle that struck the bus may have ran a red light. Meanwhile, the initial crash made the bus driver lose control of his vehicle and sent the bus slamming into several other cars. The multi vehicle crash sent many of the injured teenagers to the hospital for evaluation. The extent of their wounds is unclear but a trauma specialist noted that some of the injuries may be latent and may require long-term evaluation and treatment. This can include joint injuries such as a shoulder injury or knee injury as well and neck and back pain. Crashes involving such a large and heavy vehicle such as a bus can cause more significant injury. However, sometimes even more important is that an accident victim may not have a seatbelt on during the crash. In fact, some buses don’t even have properly functioning seatbelts due to manufacturing and safety issues as well as improper maintenance. See this article for more details about the Bronx bus accident.

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Train derailment in Brooklyn causes mass casualty incident

New York – Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) company officials confirm that there were over 100 injury victims from this week’s train accident. Reports show that the LIRR train derailed in Brooklyn during morning rush hour as it pulled into the station. Inspectors from the transportation and safety bureaus were unsure as to what caused the crash but they note that the train overran a stopping block. They explain that the bumper is there as a safety design to prevent accidents and collisions. However, it is unclear if the accident occurred due to speed, driver error, broken equipment from negligent maintenance or even human error. Emergency responders from the scene transported the crash victims to various hospitals with wide ranging injuries, including spinal injuries such as neck and back pain, head injury, dental injuries and suspected broken bones. Drug and alcohol testing was underway for the train engineer, according to officials with the National Transportation Safety Board. You can read more about this derailed train here.

Photo for illustrative purposes only. Credit: Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York [License]

Brooklyn Bridge motor vehicle crash leaves multiple injured victims

New York – A 3 car pile-up car accident on the Brooklyn Bridge reportedly began when a broken down car was rear-ended by a second vehicle. The disabled car had been parked in the right lane of the roadway when it was struck by the second vehicle. However, a third car then slammed into the second, causing that second vehicle to roll over. The roll-over accident then caused a passenger to be ejected from the car. Police believe that the driver of the car that flipped over was drunk driving, possibly causing the first collision. The suspected drunk driver was arrested and brought in for further investigation according to officials. By the end of the triple vehicle car crash, there were at least seven injury victims who required emergency evaluation and treatment. Several of the victims suffered with neck and back pain, which may indicate spinal damage, according to medical specialists. They explain that the spinal injury could be simple muscle aches but could also be indicative of fractured vertebrae, herniated discs, disc bulges or even spinal cord damage.

This accident was reminiscent of a recent ambulance accident where the ambulance also rolled over. That collision also occurred in Brooklyn, very close to the exit for the Brooklyn Bridge. The accident involved an SUV truck that was hit by the ambulance, that was travelling with emergency lights and sirens as it was responding to the scene of an unrelated crash. There were four people with injuries in the accident, including the two EMTs working on the ambulance. See details about the multi-vehicle Brooklyn Bridge accident here.

Illustrative photo by: Alex Proimos from Sydney, Australia [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

$225,000 Jury Verdict – Queens Car Crash Causes Neck, Back and Shoulder Injuries

Queens County – John Doe was the driver of a car that was involved in a car collision with another vehicle in the Fall of 2010. The other vehicle made a left turn and slammed into the driver’s side of Doe’s car, causing damage to both vehicles as well as personal injuries. The car accident occurred only steps away from his house, so Mr. Doe went home, hoping that the pain would get better on its own.

Unfortunately, Doe’s accident injuries didn’t go away so he began treatment and regular visits with a doctor. His injuries included neck and back pain as well as a torn rotator cuff shoulder injury. Conservative treatment with physical therapy did not solve his pain and suffering, leading to the need for an arthroscopic surgery on his shoulder. Despite all of his medical care, the car crash victim was left with significant pain and unable to function normally at work.

Mr. Doe turned to a team of expert accident lawyers https://morrisonwagner.com/about-us/ who reviewed the case and helped Doe file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver of the other vehicle. They claimed that the defendant’s negligent driving caused the motor vehicle collision and Doe’s injuries. Following a jury verdict, Doe was awarded $225,000 for pain and suffering from the injuries. For more details on this case, read the expanded article below.

Illustrative photo by W. Robert Howell from Charlotte, NC, United States (still here.) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


Car Crash Caused Shoulder Woes, Restaurateur Claimed (VerdictSearch.com, by Priya Idiculla)

Verdict: $225,000
Net: $100,000

Facts & Allegations:
In September of 2010, plaintiff John Doe, 43, a restaurant’s owner, was driving in the Briarwood section of Queens. While Doe was proceeding through the intersection, his vehicle’s left side was struck by a vehicle that was being driven by Mr. Jack Smith, who was executing a left turn. Doe’s vehicle was propelled across the intersection. Doe claimed that he sustained injuries of his back, his neck and a shoulder. Doe sued Smith. Doe alleged that Smith was negligent in the operation of his vehicle. Liability was decided via summary judgment. The matter proceeded to a summary jury trial that addressed damages.

neck; derangement, shoulder; rotator cuff, injury (tear); arthroscopy; physical therapy; soft tissue; back; massage therapy

Doe refused immediate medical attention, and he returned to his home, which was located some 50 feet from the scene of the accident. After some two hours had passed, he presented to a medical clinic. He claimed that he was suffering pain that stemmed from his back, his left, non-dominant arm’s shoulder and his neck. He underwent minor treatment.

Doe ultimately claimed that he sustained derangement of his left shoulder, two small tears of the same shoulder’s rotator cuff, and injuries of soft tissue of his back and neck. Photographs of his vehicle depicted damage in the area in which his left shoulder would have been situated. Doe immediately commenced a course of conservative treatment that included massages, physical therapy, and the application of cold and hot packs. The treatment lasted about six months. On Nov. 4, 2010, he underwent arthroscopic surgery that addressed his left shoulder.
Doe claimed that his injuries prevented his performance of about six months of work. He also claimed that his left shoulder remains painful, that the pain is permanent and that it limits his performance of his work duties. His restaurant is located in South Carolina. He claimed that he alternately spends 10 days in New York and 20 days working in South Carolina. He further claimed that he previously drove to and from work, but that his residual effects necessitate his use of air transportation, at a greater cost.

Doe sought recovery of $100,000 for past pain and suffering and $125,000 for future pain and suffering.

The defense’s expert orthopedist submitted a report in which he opined that Doe’s injuries were degenerative conditions that predated the accident. The expert reviewed the results of a post-accident MRI scan of Doe’s left shoulder, and he opined that the test revealed minor bursitis and minor tenosynovitis, which involves restrictive inflammation of the sheath of a tendon. The defense’s expert radiologist submitted a report in which he opined that the test did not reveal an abnormality. Defense counsel noted that Doe refused immediate medical treatment, did not present to a hospital and immediately resumed work.
The defense’s expert orthopedist also opined that Doe’s surgery was unnecessary. He contended that an additional month of physical therapy could have averted the need for surgery.

The parties stipulated that Doe’s damages could not exceed $100,000.

The jury found that Doe’s damages totaled $225,000, but Doe recovered the stipulated limit: $100,000.

Editor’s Note:
This report is based on information that was provided by plaintiff’s counsel. Additional information was gleaned from court documents. Defense counsel did not respond to the reporter’s phone calls.

Deadly car accident day after New York City’s Vision Zero plan kicks off

New York – A serious pedestrian accident occurred in Queens only one day after the mayor’s aggressive accident prevention program took effect. The car crash left one victim dead and two others suffering with multiple accident related injuries. Witnesses say that the vehicle jumped the curb and slammed into 3 pedestrians, trapping one man under the car. The man who was pinned under the vehicle had to be extricated by emergency workers while and was pronounced dead soon thereafter. The remaining victims suffered various injuries, including a head injury, possible leg fracture as well as neck and back pain. They were taken from the scene by ambulance with initial treatments for suspected spinal injury. Police were investigating the possibility that the crash was an assault and not actually an accident. Onlookers note that this fatal crash occurred after the start of the new Vision Zero program, which includes recent lowering of speed limits to generally 25 miles per hour, to prevent such accidents.

City safety activists point out that several additional deadly motor vehicle accidents occurred over the next two days, involving crashes in three different boroughs. One of those accidents killed an elderly man in Brooklyn as he tried to cross the street. A second crash caused fatal injuries for another senior citizen who was crossing the street in Queens. Only several hours later a middle-aged woman was hit by a car in the Bronx. Citizens continue to express their concerns regarding the safety of the city streets and demand that the police and administration take the necessary actions to crack down on safety violations. They worry that a dangerous driver must be removed from the roads well before he or she can cause additional injuries or death. Proponents have expressed their hope for the future, as the city continues to promote safety with the new program. However, they say that it will take serious efforts on the part of city lawmakers and police to follow through on their plans. Please see this article for more details about the recent rash of deadly pedestrian accidents.

Illustrative photo by Youngking11 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Long Island police SUV rear-ends car in multi-vehicle accident

New York – A car crash last week is being at least partially blamed on the acting police commissioner of Nassau County. The acting commissioner was reportedly driving too close to the car while he was driving his police vehicle, and investigators believe that this may have contributed to the car accident. The woman who was driving the car explained that she was stopped in traffic when the police SUV rear-ended her, causing her car to be pushed into the car in front of her. The SUV accident left at least one injury victim, with the woman complaining of neck and back pain. It was unclear if any other accident victims were injured but medical experts note that some accident injuries do not become fully apparent immediately following a crash. Pain management specialists say that some car crash injuries, such as spinal injury, knee and shoulder injuries and nerve damage, can take weeks or even months until they can be identified. They express the importance of seeing a doctor for evaluation soon after a motor vehicle collision, especially after being rear-ended and then pushed into another vehicle in front. This type of rear-end collision creates multiple impacts and the possibility of various injuries that may be subtle at first. Medical testing is advised and injured victims are entitled to healthcare even if they initially refused care at the scene of the crash. Some accident victims find it necessary to seek legal advice from a seasoned personal injury lawyer in order to determine their rights after being injured in an accident. Check out more about the police car accident here.

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