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Another boat crash with serious injuries, this time in Manhattan

New York – Tuesday evening’s boat accident on the Hudson River left multiple injury victims scrambling for their lives. A ferry boat from NY Waterway backed into a group of kayakers. At least five of the kayakers in the group suffered various injuries during the collision. Doctors in the emergency room reported that one of the most severely injured boaters had suffered a partial arm amputation. Other injury victims from the accident had wounds ranging from a head injury with a concussion, to rib fractures and a punctured lung. The head injury victim had reportedly lost consciousness, an indication of possible traumatic brain injury, according to neurologists.

The initial investigation revealed that the ferry boat captain followed protocol by sounding his horn before backing up. The kayak crews apparently did not move away in time but it is unclear as to why. Officials now believe that sun glare prevented the captain of the ferry from seeing the much smaller kayaks even though the kayakers tried raising their paddles to make themselves more visible. Further investigations are underway to determine if any negligence contributed to this serious accident with injuries. So far, police say that the captain was not drunk driving. However, several other ferry boat captains and companies have stepped forward to relate how dangerous the situation has become on New York’s busy waterways. This boat collision is reminiscent of the boat accident that occurred on Long Island less than a month ago. Read more on the recent Manhattan boat injuries and investigation here.

Illustrative Photo Credit: Walter Burns [License]

Walmart truck accident kills one and leaves three others injured

A tractor-trailer accident on the New Jersey Turnpike left one man dead and three passengers with serious injuries. The truck crash occurred when the truck driver failed to stop for slowing traffic. His truck slammed into a van-sized limousine bus, causing the limo to roll over. The crash victims were rushed to area hospitals for emergency treatment. The accident injuries included broken bones, nose and rib fractures and possible internal injuries. Records show that the truck was owned by the discount retail chain, Walmart, and that the driver was an employee. Recent discoveries indicate that the driver of the tractor had not slept in more than a day, contrary to safety guidelines for commercial drivers. Police believe that the tired driver may have caused the collision due to fatigue. This has led to criminal charges being filed against the truck driver who rear-ended the limo. The bus accident is still being investigated in hopes of fully determining the cause of the crash. Some have speculated that the tractor-trailer was speeding due to the fact that it caused a roll-over accident. Meanwhile, road safety experts warn that Walmart trucks have been involved in many accidents, causing hundreds of injuries and many wrongful deaths. Calls have been made to force the company to better train their drivers, enforce safety laws and improve their monitoring of dangerous driving. See further details about the truck versus bus rear-end collision here.

Illustrative photo by Amanda Bengtson (Flickr: International Wal-Mart Truck) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons