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Stolen car involved in multiple vehicle car crash in Brooklyn

New York – The Belt Parkway in Brooklyn was the scene of a serious car accident involving three vehicles this week. Police believe that the collision began with a stolen SUV speeding down the highway without its headlights on, being driven by the car thief. The thief stole the vehicle in Crown Heights and then drove it recklessly through the city streets until he rear-ended another SUV. That SUV accident didn’t stop the dangerous driver, who fled the scene of the accident and then hit another car. The man then fled the scene of that second collision and eventually hit the highway divider and caused a roll-over accident. Eventually he jumped out of the damaged vehicle and ran away on foot, according to investigators. In his wake, the reckless driving car thief left eight injured accident victims, who were all taken to various New York hospitals. The injuries ranged from minor to critical injuries, reportedly including severe internal injuries and possibly a head injury from the crash. At least three of the injured passengers were children according to officials. Additional investigation is needed to find the hit-and-run driver who apparently stole the vehicle after a woman had left it unlocked in front of her apartment building. Police also explained that the woman had rented the car from someone else in New Jersey. A Manhattan accident specialist attorney https://morrisonwagner.com/about-us/ noted that some of the liability for the accident may fall on the woman who left the SUV unlocked, as a possible act of negligence that led to the dangerous situation. In addition, the owner of the vehicle may also be held responsible. In the meantime, police are looking for the driver of the SUV that caused the multi-vehicle crash. See this article for further details about this SUV accident.

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Police arrest man accused of hit-and-run car accident on Long Island

New York – The driver of a sport utility vehicle (SUV) crashed into a car, causing serious accident injuries to the other driver and unknown injuries to the passenger. Police report that the man driving the SUV had been arrested in the past as a drunk driver and convicted a few years ago. The charges against him include fleeing the scene of an accident with personal injuries and allegedly driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. He apparently bypassed the installed breathalyzer device in his car that was intended to prevent additional drunk driving incidents. Road safety specialists say that driving while intoxicated or impaired increases the danger of a motor vehicle collision, including a pedestrian accident or bicycle accident. Public wellbeing activists have complained that the courts and government have been negligent in effectively keeping drunk or dangerous drivers off of the roads. Some have pointed out that installing a breathalyzer system in a convicted drunk driver’s car is not enough. These systems are too easy to bypass and a driver can also simply use a different car. They note that reckless drivers should be dealt with harshly, including putting them in jail, in order to protect the welfare of everyone else on the roads. An accident lawyer in New York City explains that the driver of the SUV will likely face both criminal charges as well as a personal injury lawsuit. However, the possibility of further charges or lawsuits cannot be excluded pending investigation of the circumstances surrounding the SUV accident. More about the car crash can be found here.

Illustrative photo by U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Patrick J. Cook [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Long Island police SUV rear-ends car in multi-vehicle accident

New York – A car crash last week is being at least partially blamed on the acting police commissioner of Nassau County. The acting commissioner was reportedly driving too close to the car while he was driving his police vehicle, and investigators believe that this may have contributed to the car accident. The woman who was driving the car explained that she was stopped in traffic when the police SUV rear-ended her, causing her car to be pushed into the car in front of her. The SUV accident left at least one injury victim, with the woman complaining of neck and back pain. It was unclear if any other accident victims were injured but medical experts note that some accident injuries do not become fully apparent immediately following a crash. Pain management specialists say that some car crash injuries, such as spinal injury, knee and shoulder injuries and nerve damage, can take weeks or even months until they can be identified. They express the importance of seeing a doctor for evaluation soon after a motor vehicle collision, especially after being rear-ended and then pushed into another vehicle in front. This type of rear-end collision creates multiple impacts and the possibility of various injuries that may be subtle at first. Medical testing is advised and injured victims are entitled to healthcare even if they initially refused care at the scene of the crash. Some accident victims find it necessary to seek legal advice from a seasoned personal injury lawyer in order to determine their rights after being injured in an accident. Check out more about the police car accident here.

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SUV crashes on Manhattan sidewalk following police chase

New York — The New York Police Department (NYPD) reported that a police chase in the Upper West Side of Manhattan ended in the fleeing car crashing into pedestrians two days ago. The police were chasing an SUV that was speeding away from a car stop but apparently lost control during the pursuit. Witnesses explain that the car crash occurred when the teenager suspect hit  wall and then struck two pedestrians, including one young child. The child, only 4-years-old, was fatally injured in the car accident and died at the hospital. The child was walking along the sidewalk with her grandmother who was also seriously injured in the SUV crash. The second car accident victim was also rushed to the emergency room of a local New York City hospital for treatment of her accident injuries. Witnesses report that the driver of the SUV hit the grandmother twice, the second time backing up into the woman, before he was stopped by police. Some residents placed partial blame for the injuries and wrongful death on the police officers who, they say, should have ended the pursuit earlier. The police department’s policy states that a police chase should be discontinued if there’s undue risk of injury or death to the officers or the public, while the fleeing suspect otherwise does not represent a clear and present danger. Criminal charges are being filed against the driver of the SUV but an accident lawyer explains that a personal injury lawsuit and wrongful death lawsuit may be filed as well. The legal expert also says that the police may be named as defendants in the civil lawsuit as well, if there’s evidence that they unnecessarily endangered the welfare of the citizens on the street. You can find out more about this pedestrian accident here.

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