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Serious injury blamed on defective office chair

An office desk chair has been recalled after more than two dozen victims have fallen and been injured, including at least one serious injury. Office Depot, an office furniture and supply store, sold the desk chairs for approximately nine years and have received numerous complaints from injured workers. It is unclear as to how long the manufacturer and retail company have known about the dangers of the faulty product. It has now come to light that the welding on the bottom of the chair can break and cause a fall injury. Reports show that some of the injured victims suffered a head injury, neck and back injuries, broken hip, fractured bones as well as contusions and abrasions from falling off of the broken chair. Consumer protection specialists therefore triggered the product recall, hoping to prevent further accidents and injuries. An accident lawyer in New York explains that injuries arising from a product liability case such as this can lead to several different types of personal injury lawsuits. These may include a negligence lawsuit if the factory that produced the product, or store that sold it, knew that their product was breaking or poorly made. A workman’s compensation lawsuit may need to be filed if the injury occurred at work. In some circumstances the injured victim may need to file for long-term or even permanent disability. Find out more details on the current broken chair recall here.