Truck accident hits car and forces New York City bus into a building

New York — Earlier this morning a food delivery truck hit a car in a serious car accident with injuries. The truck rolled over during the crash, occurring on a quiet Brooklyn, New York street. The truck possibly ran through a red traffic light and a New York City bus was forced to swerve out of the way of the truck accident. The bus then hit a building near the corner of the intersection. The front of the bus suffered significant damage during the crash and shattered some windows. Rescue personnel had to remove some of the doors in order to gain access to some of the injured victims. Multiple ambulances, fire fighters and New York Police Department responders came to the scene to treat at least 12 accident victims. All injured crash victims were taken to local hospitals in Brooklyn for treatment. A New York accident law firm explained that many serious accidents, like this bus accident, occur at intersections due to driver error. Sometimes this can be related to a driver running a red light and other times it is due to driver distraction. Trauma experts note that injuries from this type of accident can range from relatively minor bumps and bruises to more severe broken bones, neck and back injury or even a head injury and death. Details of the investigation are available here with a video of the accident scene.

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