Truck accident on highway between Brooklyn and Queens kills driver

New York — Two tractor trailer trucks were involved in a serious motor vehicle crash on a busy New York City highway. One of the trucks rear ended the other truck, causing the dangerous 2 vehicle crash. The truck driver who caused the accident was killed due to his accident injuries. The man was ejected from the cab of his truck while he hit a wall on the side of the road. The other driver was evaluated for injuries at the scene by ambulance personnel. A top New York City accident lawyer explained that an accident victim may not fully notice all of their injuries immediately after the crash. They may require more in depth evaluation and treatment by specialist doctors who are trained in dealing with injured patients. Trauma doctors note that a truck accident can often cause more severe injuries than a regular car accident due to the heavier forces involved. Police report another tractor trailer accident in the New York area occurred over the past few days as well. That truck crash also involved 2 trucks as well as a passenger car and a hearse. It occurred on the Goethals Bridge between Staten Island and New Jersey according to reports. Police say that at least one injured person in the accident was treated by emergency personnel. In a busy week of truck accidents in the area, a third tractor trailer was involved in an accident that caused it to catch fire. That accident caused injuries but no deaths according to accident investigators. Police have charged that driver with unsafe driving after he allegedly switched lanes in an unsafe manner. Find out more about the truck fire accident here.

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