Truck accident safety experts warn of continued dangers despite engineering advances

Safety experts warn about the continued dangers of injury and death from a truck accident, even with all of the advanced engineering that goes in to building modern trucks. Recent studies on truck crash accidents show that tractor-trailer, or semi, accidents can injure and kill occupants of both the truck and the car involved in the accident. However, the majority of deaths occur in the car. This is especially true when hitting the back of a truck, along the underride guards. The agency that analyzes and recommends regulations on truck specifications, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, says that current law requires only some trucks to have the metal bar installed in order to prevent a smaller and lower car from becoming wedged underneath the truck. They are requesting that the federal government mandate more trucks to have this safety bar. However, some motor vehicle accident specialists say that these safety bars may be broken or damaged prior to an accident, lessening its effectiveness. An accident lawyer in New York notes that truck drivers and owners must repair broken safety equipment like this or else they can be fined. In fact, a negligence lawsuit can be filed in case of injury or death due to neglecting safety laws like this. You can find out more about the recent studies on truck safety here.

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