Westchester, New York man struck and killed by pickup truck

Michael Orlando, a Westchester, New York man was hit by a pickup truck in Mahopac while he was out walking with his dog. Police and ambulance personnel who responded to the scene reported that the victim was killed after being dragged by the motor vehicle during the tragic accident. Police officials took the vehicle to an impound lot and were further investigating the deadly crash. Accident investigators will need to determine if negligence or mechanical failure was at all to blame. Officials say that no charges have yet been filed against the driver. Accident lawyers in New York explain that a wrongful death lawsuit may still be filed even when no charges are filed or tickets issued. They report that lawsuits following car accidents that cause injury or death are often not filed until further investigation is completed. Safety advocates remind drivers to be cautious of pedestrians and bicyclists who also share the roads. Officials with the New York City Department of Transportation have recently studied pedestrian accidents and safety. They explain that accidents involving a pedestrian struck or bicyclist struck can cause more severe injuries and even death, as also seen in this case. Read up on more details regarding this deadly pedestrian accident here.

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