Westchester, New York woman killed in car accident caused by truck tire

New York — A woman driving on a busy highway in Westchester, New York was hit by a flying truck tire that flew off of a passing tractor-trailer truck. The truck was driving in the opposite direction when two tires broke off the axle and were thrown through the air. One of the tires sailed high over several lanes of the highway and then crashed on top of a passing car. The driver of the car was killed in the car accident. Another woman who was in the front passenger seat, apparently the elderly mother of the driver, was injured in the accident. The older accident victim was taken by ambulance to a hospital for treatment of her injuries. Specifics of her accident injuries were unknown. Transportation experts and police were called in to investigate the unusual motor vehicle accident and to help determine a cause for the series of events that led to the car crash. It was unclear if negligent repair was an underlying cause of the accident. Car accidents caused by truck tires are not uncommon, although they don’t often involve a tire that is thrown in to the air and come slamming down on the car. Some public safety advocates worry that accidents are often caused by truck tires that shred and leave debris on the roadway. Other accidents are caused by tires that roll in to a nearby car or van. A New York accident lawyer explained that it is the responsibility of the truck driver and the trucking company to ensure that all tires are tightly fixed and in good repair. Negligent maintenance in this type of situation can lead to serious car accidents and even wrongful death, as seen in this case. Read more about this deadly accident along with a video clip here.

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