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No one ever wants to have an automobile accident. But if it happens to you, be sure to take these steps to protect yourself and your family from further injury and complication. Our personal injury experience proves this is the best way to maximize your rightful compensation.

  1. Stop and cooperate with authorities, including police and rescue personnel. If you or anyone in your care is injured, stay calm and don’t move unless there’s danger of fire or another accident. Use your cell phone to get help from the police and medical personnel.
  2. Try not to move any vehicle until the police arrives, unless staying still creates a greater danger of injury.
  3. Avoid making statements to other drivers, witnesses, the police, or insurance representatives without talking to your attorney or your own insurance representatives.
  4. Get full information about everyone involved, including passengers and witnesses – note driver’s license(s), addresses, and phone numbers. Write a description and diagram of the accident right away. Also note the ownership, license plate number, year and make of all cars involved. If you can, take photos of the scene and all relevant cars.
  5. Immediately report the accident to your insurance company.
  6. If there are serious medical injuries or property damage, seek the counsel of a top injury attorney as soon as you can.
  7. If you are hurt, make an appointment and report injuries to your family doctor within a day or two. Write a daily injury condition update journal. Comply with your doctor’s instructions for faster recovery. Potentially serious and costly injuries may seem trivial at first.
  8. Refer all persons making claims against you to your insurance company. Make no payments, or promise to pay any claimant.
  9. Under no-fault, you, as an accident victim, retain the right to sue a negligent operator and owner of a covered vehicle for personal injury losses (in certain cases).
  10. Document any income loss associated with the accident.
  11. Retain copies of all medical bills and related accident expenses, such as towing and repair, as well as travel, parking, etc.
  12. If an owner or operator is uninsured, immediately contact a competent injury attorney.

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