Woman suffers brain damage after surgery in New York hospital

New York — A woman underwent a routine hernia repair surgery in a Bronx, NY hospital last year but has never recovered. She remains in a nursing home with medical complications and her family reports that she has suffered severe brain damage because of medical malpractice. The victim’s family contends that the surgeon did not properly perform the surgery and that there was negligent care during her hospital follow up as well. They explain that the surgical wound developed into a large hematoma due to the negligent treatment and then became infected in the hospital but was not properly treated. The woman apparently had to undergo a further surgery to treat the surgical infection but not before she developed a severe bed ulcer. The patient’s daughter notes that her mother was doing well before the surgery and was planning on coming home soon after the surgery. She has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital and the doctor due to her concerns of negligence. Patient safety advocates note that the same hospital in the Bronx was where another patient victim died during surgery recently. In the latter case, a woman died while undergoing surgery to donate one of her kidneys. The otherwise healthy patient was trying to donate her kidney to her own brother when the doctor cut her aorta. She suffered from severe bleeding due the laceration of her body’s largest artery and apparently died shortly thereafter when her heart failed. The surgeon and hospital were apparently expecting a medical malpractice lawsuit in that case and have filed for a fast track settlement. Read up more about this woman who died during surgery here.

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