World Trade Center workers after 9/11 agree to $625 Million settlement

The police, fire, emergency medical service and construction workers who worked at the site of the World Trade Center after 9/11 have agreed to a settlement in their huge work injury lawsuit. They have agreed to a settlement worth about $625 Million from the City of New York. The workers filed one of the largest work related injury lawsuits against New York City, claiming a multitude of health problems. The most common reported health problem from the worksite is respiratory problems similar to asthma. The sick workers and their injury lawyers believe the dust and debris from the exploded office towers mixed with the airplane fuel caused their ailments. They contended that New York City officials failed to protect them from these work hazards. Public health officials and the federal government have pledged to help these injured workers and sick workers with their health care and bills. The proceeds of the lawsuit will also go toward caring for these sick workers and their families. Read more details about this landmark lawsuit settlement here.

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