Wrongful Death While Waiting in Hospital Emergency Room

Personal injury victims, like New York car accident victims and pedestrians, often head straight to the hospital for urgent medical care. But many discover that Hospital Emergency Rooms can be traumatic and fatal places, especially for those who cannot get in. Take this story of a 58-year old man who died of a heart attack after waiting 19 hours in a Dallas hospital. The problem of wrongful deaths in Waiting Rooms is nationwide. New York has Eighty-Eight hospitals located within 25 miles of Manhattan’s Grand Central Station. But tragically, people die every year just sitting in the ER Waiting Rooms, hoping for treatment, say top NY accident and injury lawyers. So what should personal injury victims do to help their chances of surviving an accident? The best plan of action is to prepare in advance of an accident. This valuable USA Today feature presents statistical data of USA hospitals including those in NY state, and shows various medical conditions, and outcomes. New Yorkers can use the the handy lookup tool to research and prepare a list of preferred hospitals, for when personal injury strikes. This way, an accident victim can head straight to the hospital likely to provide the most successful outcome. Keep in mind that getting to the right hospital is only the first step. Thereafter, hospitals and doctors can make mistakes in treatment, such as failure to diagnose and physician negligence. So keep careful records. If you believe that negligence occurred, get New York’s best personal injury lawyers on your side. Free call. No fee unless they win your case or settlement.

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