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Fight Against Cancer & Infection :: Merck Vaccine Wins Again

Hospitals and doctors frequently prescribe heavy drugs in efforts to treat infection and its accompanying injury. But top New York injury lawyers insist that an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure. Failure to diagnose and treat an infection can lead to long-term personal injury, pain and suffering. In a classic instance of medical malpractice, this New York hospital failed to diagnose a Meningitis infection that led to brain injury and loss of hearing. The New York child successfully received $3 Million in compensation. Prevention of infection is key. In 2006, Merck, a global pharmaceutical manufacturer, launched Gardasil, a vaccine aimed against an infection that causes cervical cancer and genital warts. NY Injury attorneys appreciate the role of such a vaccine, as their clients have experienced the suffering and complications of cancer and warts (See The New York Post.) Three days ago, the FDA and CDC confirmed their positive approval of Merck’s Gardasil, winning another round in the fight against cancer and infection.