Daily Archives: February 26, 2011

Defective candles recalled :: One consumer suffers burn injury

A recent recall was announced by Pier 1 Imports for a defective product sold throughout the nation, including local New York branches of the popular store. The faulty candles were reported to burn incorrectly with flames higher than would be considered safe. The candles were manufactured in China and were imported and sold by the retailer. However, following several reports of incidents where the defective candles burned out of control and at least one burn injury, the company issued a defective product recall. Product safety experts say that the reported incidents may not be the only ones suffered by consumers and more details need to be determined following proper investigation. Some consumer victims may not have reported the incident since they were not aware that it had occurred due to an inherent defect in the product. Experts note that many consumers are unaware of their rights or the channels available to them in case of injury from a dangerous product. Some victims require the expertise of an experienced personal injury lawyer to help them navigate the complicated system and to be able to effectively contact a manufacturer. A local New York attorney reports that often it is not enough to simply call a customer service agent in situations such as these. In fact, even when a manufacturer or retailer is told about a dangerous product, they may continue selling it for months to years before announcing a recall or pulling the item from store shelves. Consumer advocates explain that this amounts to negligence but consumers have recourse. They suggest that injury victims investigate their rights and fight back in order to protect others in the event of a product malfunction. They also explain that even though a company issues a product recall, this does not mean that they are not liable for the injuries caused by their products. Details on the dangerous candle recall are available here.