Daily Archives: October 23, 2011

Several motor vehicle accidents plague New York highway

New York — Another car accident on the New York State Thruway near Sloatsburg caused injuries and one death this past week. Officials report that six cars and trucks were involved in a chain reaction set of accidents after one car crashed in to a car that was broken down on the highway. One accident victim died during the crash according to reports. Of note, this accident occurred only a short distance away from a bus accident that hit a tractor-trailer truck. That bus versus truck accident left multiple victims injured when the bus driver rear-ended the truck on his way driving to New York City. Investigations in to these accidents are still underway but leave some safety advocates concerned. They say that some negligent drivers make the roads unsafe for others and cause too many accidents, injuries and wrongful death cases. An accident and trauma specialist in New York explained that some injuries from a crash are not always evident at the time of the accident. For example, a neck and back injury, ligament injury, a subtle traumatic brain injury or a non-displaced broken bone can leave an accident victim severely injured or even disabled even though the person is able to initially walk away from the collision. A victim of an accident that still feels pain or problems after an accident still has the right to see a doctor who specializes in accident injuries. This is true even if the person initially refused treatment at the scene or told the police or insurance company that they were not injured. Some wounded people find it necessary to speak to a top accident lawyer for advice. Check out this article for more on the recent multi-car motor vehicle accident in New York.