Daily Archives: January 4, 2012

Multiple injury lawsuits filed against New York elevator repair company

New York — Reports show that an elevator repair company in New York City has eight accident lawsuits pending against it. The negligence lawsuits stem from unrelated accidents that caused eight different victims to become injured due to the elevators. This is the same elevator maintenance company that had worked on an elevator in Manhattan only hours before a woman was crushed to death by the elevator. The woman’s apparent wrongful death occurred when the elevator suddenly shot upwards and crushed her between the floor of the car and the top of the doorway. An eyewitness to the accident filed a lawsuit, contending that she suffers from a form of post traumatic stress disorder, fearing personal injury in elevators now. Records show that amongst the other personal injury lawsuits filed against the maintenance company is a man who fell into an elevator shaft when the doors opened but no car was there. Another accident occurred when the elevator doors opened with the floor of the car well above the entrance, causing the accident victim to slip and fall. Yet a third injury victim was crushed by elevator doors that slammed closed, trapping the man between them. Further investigation is ongoing to determine if the elevator repairman or owners are at-fault due to any negligent maintenance.