Daily Archives: March 7, 2012

Elevator accident investigation reveals negligent maintenance

New York — A 41-year-old woman was crushed to death in a Manhattan elevator accident several months ago. The New York City buildings department immediately started an investigation into the accident, seeking to find a cause of the woman’s death shortly after an elevator repair company had worked on the elevator car. Investigators have now reported that the elevator repair company and technician created a hazardous condition by bypassing a safety system. The workman turned off a safety switch that is supposed to prevent the car from moving while the doors are open. However, the worker was apparently negligent, according to officials, by not properly restoring the proper functioning of that safety system. The maintenance worker claimed that he had fixed the safety switch before completing his work but the system apparently did not re-engage properly. The investigation report also showed that the maintenance company was negligent by not having the elevator car re-inspected after work was completed. The buildings department suspended the maintenance company’s owner’s license. Reports show that the worker responsible for the negligent repair job was fired recently. Some public safety advocates say that the dangerous condition created by the maintenance contractor and the technician is inexcusable and is what led to this woman’s wrongful death. Advocates say that negligent maintenance is responsible for too many accidents, injuries and deaths in New York every year. Read up on more details regarding this elevator accident here.