Daily Archives: April 15, 2012

Several school bus accidents with injuries in New York City

New York — There were several injured children following a school bus accident involved in a car crash on the Queens Midtown Expressway. The accident victims were brought to a local New York emergency room for evaluation of their injuries. Reports show that the car cut off the bus, causing the motor vehicle accident. A second school bus was involved in a bus accident in Queens the next day. In that motor vehicle crash a car caused a rear end accident when it hit the bus suddenly. Several child accident victims from that crash were taken to a hospital on Long Island for treatment of their injuries. Parents and safety advocates are concerned about the increasing number of car accidents and school bus accidents that can cause serious injuries to children. Some concerns they have include negligence of drivers who pass a school bus that is stopped with red lights flashing, careless drivers who drive recklessly near a bus and bus drivers who are not trained well enough or don’t drive safely. Some question whether negligent drivers are properly monitored and punished to prevent additional accidents and injury or even death. Recently, bus accidents in New York have continued to rise and some blame reckless drivers that are hired by negligent bus companies. Find out more about the risks of bus accidents here.