Daily Archives: May 6, 2012

Brooklyn car accident kills minivan driver, 2 others injured

New York — A serious car accident in Brooklyn, NY left one man dead yesterday. Reports show that the young driver of a BMW car apparently lost control and caused the head-on car crash. His car hit a minivan and caused fatal injuries. Multiple ambulances, police, fire department and rescue personnel responded to the crash scene. Ambulance and paramedic personnel treated three injury victims and took them to local hospital and trauma centers. The driver of the minivan was declared dead at the hospital while the other accident victims survived. Investigators were analyzing the motor vehicle accident scene to determine the cause and see if any criminal charges would need to be filed. It was unclear if alcohol or any other substances were involved in this deadly accident. An accident lawyer in New York said that often police file tickets and criminal charges against the driver who caused the accident only after a more thougrough investigation into the cause of the accident. A car crash like this may lead to citations for reckless driving, driving while impaired or even negligent homicide. A civil lawsuit may also need to be filed against the driver of the car for the wrongful death and personal injuries caused by the car accident. Find out more about this fatal accident here.