Daily Archives: September 26, 2012

Pit bull dog attack injures several in New York

New York — Reports show that a grandmother and her grandson were attacked by two pit bull dogs that were on the loose. The victims were walking along with their golden retriever dog when they were assaulted by the dangerous dogs. Investigators explain that the pit bulls were not on a leash and their owners were not present at the time of the attack. This left the assault victims at the mercy of the vicious dogs that were terrorizing the neighborhood. Luckily, a bus driver happened to have noticed the attack and he quickly pulled his bus over to help out. The bus driver heroically defended the woman victim and the child by hitting the pit bulls and chasing them away. A top New York personal injury lawyer notes that the driver of the bus was bitten by the dogs in the process. The woman’s golden retriever, who was on a leash at the time, also suffered dog bites during the attack. According to the attorney, allowing a dog to run loose can leave the dog owners liable for the injuries caused. Allowing a dog to roam free may be considered equivalent to creating a dangerous condition for other citizens and may be deemed negligence. It is unclear if the attack victims have filed a personal injury lawsuit yet but officials are examining filing criminal charges against the owners of the pit bulls. In another, unrelated pit bull dog attack, a baby was killed after being attacked by a dog. Public advocates warn that there have been many dog attacks this year, as discussed here.