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Westchester, New York pedestrian injured in assault with a car

New York — A routine argument about a traffic incident between two men from Yonkers turned into an assault with injuries. Police report that one of the men attacked the other’s car with a baseball bat but then turned his rage toward the man himself. The first man hit the other man with his car and then fled the scene. The pedestrian victim suffered injuries after being struck by the car and then falling off the hood of the vehicle nearly 100 yards away. The assault victim was then treated for his injuries while police searched for the hit-and-run suspect. Reports show that the man was caught and charged for leaving the scene of an accident with injuries as well as for assaulting the man. A top accident lawyer in New York City explained that the driver can also face a civil personal injury lawsuit in addition to the criminal charges against him. Police note that the charges are more severe in this instance than a normal hit-and-run accident since this is being classified as a physical assault. In an unrelated New York car accident, a woman is also facing assault charges for driving while distracted by her cell phone. In that car crash police say that the woman was apparently trying to surf the internet from her mobile device when she lost control of her vehicle and crossed into oncoming traffic. Her car struck another vehicle head-on and caused multiple injuries to several crash victims. One of the passengers of the second vehicle is reported to be in critical condition due to a head injury from the crash. The woman was criminally charged for causing the accident as well as for driving without a license. This motor vehicle accident may also leave the distracted driver facing an personal injury accident lawsuit from the victims in addition to the police charges pending against her for assault with a motor vehicle. Details about the crash are available in this article.

Photo by Stefan Lampert. Users Ahellwig, Sebastian8939, Saiki on de.wikipedia (Feuerwehr Meerane) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons