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Queens car crash into creek kills multiple accident victims

New York – This past Friday night ended with four passengers of a car accident dead after the vehicle sank into a creek. Police say that the car ran into the water after hitting the wooden barrier at the end of a dead end street. The car slammed into the barrier and then plunged into the cold water in the Astoria section of Queens, NY with only the driver being able to escape. Only several hours after this deadly accident, another vehicle also fell into a small section of the East River less than a mile away from the first crash. This time it was an SUV that hit a thin chain linked fence on the dead end street and then rolled over into the river. The SUV accident ended happier, with the four victims escaping alive. Details of the injuries that they suffered in that roll-over accident are still unclear. Fire Department of New York divers took part in both rescue and recovery operations.

Police investigators are continuing their search for the causes of these motor vehicle collisions. They are currently reviewing security camera footage from the initial collision and believe that the driver may have been speeding. Regarding the second accident with injuries, there has been speculation that a drunk driver may have been behind the wheel. A drunk driving accident would help explain why the one vehicle accident occurred. However, concerned citizens worry that regardless of the cause of the accidents, New York City should be doing more to prevent these types of calamities. Specifically, some have pointed out that the road safety division should have known that stronger barriers and better signs were necessary at the ends of these dark dead end roads. They note that the water hazard is serious enough to warrant more than a low wooden barrier or simple chain linked fence. Improved lighting could also help prevent motor vehicle accidents but require city funding. Public advocates have warned that the government officials and land owners in these dangerous areas are responsible to secure the roads and public. They explain that improper planning and safety preparations may constitute negligence. See this site for more about the fatal collision into Steinway Creek.

Illustrative photo by ecksunderscore from New York City (FDNY boat) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons