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Repeat dog attack in Brooklyn leaves questions about citizen safety

New York – Another pit bull attack occurred in a residential neighborhood of Brooklyn. This time the assault was on another dog but only a few years ago the attack was on a restaurant owner at the same residence. In the 2010 episode, the worker suffered severe injuries during the attack, when three pit bull dogs belonging to the same home owner lunged at the victim. The man was mauled by the dogs and taken to the emergency room for bite and crush injuries. Citizens in the city have expressed concern regarding the safety of people who live and work in the area. Some have asked why the dogs haven’t been taken away from their owner, saying that it’s negligent to allow them to continue to roam free after they have been known to injure people. They exclaim that pedestrians, bicyclists, workers, children, dog walkers and many others are at risk for being attacked by a dog. This constitutes a dangerous condition that puts everyone at risk or injury or death. The police have apparently determined that they can’t do anything since the assaults have taken place on private property. However, community activists warn that city officials, including police, bear some of the responsibility along with the dog owner who allows the dogs to roam around without a leash or muzzle. They note that the next dog attack victim may suffer even more injuries or even wrongful death. In the meantime, the public is being urged to file a civil lawsuit, such as a personal injury lawsuit, if they were injured by a dog. A victim who was bitten by a dog can speak to an experienced attorney to learn more about his or her rights. Find out more about this dangerous situation here.

Illustrative Photo Credit: BoostinChick [License]