Bus passenger ejected through windshield after driver makes short stop

New York – Officials explain that a private tour bus was driving into Manhattan when it suddenly stopped short, sending a passenger slamming into the windshield. The driver of the charter bus stated that he had to make the sudden stop when he realized that he was coming up to a red light. It is unclear how fast the bus was traveling at the time of the accident. The victim then crashed through the window and fell on the street, causing multiple injuries, including a head injury. The injured man apparently fell out of the window, which did not shatter but rather broke away from its frame. Safety activists familiar with the bus accident note that the windshield equipment should be investigated to find out why it failed. Negligent installation as well as improper maintenance could be responsible but a dangerous manufacturing defect must also be ruled out. Although some witnesses didn’t think the bus was speeding, police were also looking into why the bus driver had to stop short. Officials will also look into whether or not all safety standards were being followed prior to the injury. The injured bus passenger was taken to the hospital for evaluation in the emergency room. You can find out more here.

Illustrative photo credit: Chris Sampson [License]

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