Do companies move fast enough to protect your baby from injury from their dangerous products?

Recent defective product recalls include everything from breakfast cereals to baby cribs to medicines. However, slow product recalls put consumers at risk for personal injury or wrongful death. In a rush to make a profit companies mass produce consumer products and leave quality control on the sidelines. Yet another dangerous baby crib recall by seven companies was just announced. One of these companies, New York City based Delta, is recalling  about 747,000 cribs due to entrapment, suffocation and fall hazards. This is a continuation of a series of defective crib recalls and some safety experts are asking why companies aren’t moving faster. At least one death and ten injuries were caused by one manufacturer negligence. Attorneys who are familiar with injury law and product liability also believe additional delays may lead to further unnecessary injuries and infant deaths. Many other products have been marketed to unsuspecting parents and caused wrongful infant deaths, including baby slings. The baby slings were also blamed for infant suffocation. See here for more information in protecting your baby from dangerous cribs.

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