Get the Ice Off Your Car, or Face New Jersey Law

Snow, ice, slush and freezing cold temperatures make New York driving a dangerous condition for even the most experienced driver. Now imagine the force of a solid, twenty pounds chunk of ice shooting off an oncoming truck along a highway and smashing through the glass of a car windshield or causing a major pedestrian injury. It happens every year, in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx and throughout New York City and NY State. With similar climate conditions, New Jersey faces the similar winter car accident dangers. Recently, the State of New Jersey responded with legislation aimed at preventing car accidents and personal injury. The controversial New Jersey snow and ice law took effect this week, signed by Governor Corzine. The Concept: Fine drivers up to $1,000 (cars) and $1,500 (trucks) if they fail to remove existing snow and ice from their motor vehicles before driving. New York personal injury lawyers recognize the value in preventing car accident injury, but point out the flip side of the new law. The law encourages millions of New York drivers to clear their cars under icy conditions, by climbing on frozen, slippery vehicles and picking away at ice blocks, in order to respect the law. Is the new law introducing more personal injury than it intends to prevent? Let’s see.

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