Greater Technology, More Pedestrian Injuries. Why are New York pedestrians and drivers getting hurt every day?

For years, personal injury lawyers warned New Yorkers and others about the dangers of motor vehicle accidents and pedestrian injuries. For example, we covered this story about an MTA NY City Transit Authority bus that hit a senior citizen, and caused sever brain damage, resulting in almost Two Million dollars in compensation, thanks to a top New York accident and injury lawyer. In addition, we reported a $1.3 Million story about a Queens NY driver who failed to yield, and knocked down two pedestrians. To give a full picture, we also looked at car injuries from the perspective of drivers who themselves fall victim to SUV rollovers and wrongful death. The irony is that technological enhancements aim at continually improving the driving experience. Bluetooth, GPS, Parking Guidance, hi-definition stereo systems, on-board entertainment, and in-car Wi-Fi, make driving a much richer, engaging experience. On the other hand, such technologies distract drivers, encourage passivity, and diminish concentration on pedestrians and other motor vehicles. This results in car crashes, personal injuries, and wrongful death. A recent glance at a New York or Maryland newspaper shows that just last weekend, two eighteen year-old pedestrians were struck by buses and cars. Technology may make driving easy and comfortable, but please be careful, and avoid a New York injury.

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