Harlem, New York gas explosion collapses two buildings

New York – A massive explosion destroyed two buildings last week in the Harlem section of Manhattan. The accident killed eight people and left more than sixty injured victims in its wake, according to police. The cause of the explosion is under investigation but current evidence points towards a gas leak as the origin of the sudden blast. Current inspections by Con Edison, the Fire Department of New York and building department are focusing on possible sources of a gas leak and to determine if proper safety measures were taken to protect the public from danger. Most importantly, safety analysts are concerned about the possibility of repeat explosions from similar hazardous conditions. This explosion has raised concerns regarding the old age and safety of many of New York City’s gas pipes. Many of the pipes and equipment are well more than 100 years old and may have corroded or are otherwise leaking according to experts. Some have asserted that negligent maintenance is abound and will be responsible for many more injuries and deaths if something is not done soon to rectify the dangerous situation. They say that gas meters, connectors and main pipes were installed in the late 1800’s and require close watch, regular maintenance or prompt replacement. Records show that some sections of the gas main servicing the collapsed buildings were placed in 1887. Read more about this gas explosion and injury victim identification here.

Photo by Adnan Islam (Flickr: IMG_6862) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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