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Increased construction injuries and deaths in New York City

New York – Construction accidents with injuries or deaths are on the rise according to statistics released by city officials. The Building Department says that there have been more reported deaths from construction accidents when comparing the current year of 2018 with reports from last year. Public safety experts blame the spike on the increased amount of building construction and renovations. Some have pointed out that the city safety inspectors haven’t been keeping up with the necessary inspections to ensure safety of workers and the public. Others believe that contractors and builders have taken advantage of the commonplace construction environment and have become lax about following safety guidelines. Workers sometimes complain about dangerous work conditions, including improper or lack of safety devices such as helmets, railings and harnesses. Even when equipment is available, workmen have noted negligent maintenance or lack of training provided to hardhats. They worry that profits make be a more important factor for employers than the safety of workers or the public. This situation can lead to a widespread hazardous condition and can easily contribute to a work injury or even wrongful death. Accidents include building collapse, falling debris, bone fractures and trip and fall accidents. See this article to understand more about the increased accidents.

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Defective part leads to Honda Odyssey car recall

A popular minivan has been recalled due to a faulty part that can lead to serious injury during a car accident. The defective parts involve the seat leavers for the middle row seats that often remain unlocked. This dangerous situation causes the seat to slide during a car crash, which can potentially cause severe injuries or even wrongful death, according to collision specialists. Concerned public safety advocates note that this minivan is often used by parents for children and carpool. They warn that such a hazardous condition puts kids at risk for more serious accident injuries, including dead injury, broken bones and abdominal injuries. Industry analysts explain that the Honda corporation has had to recall several cars from their fleet of vehicles due to dangerous damaged or deficient products. It is unclear if this latest product recall has been the cause of any injury or death. If you or someone you know has been injured in a car accident, you can consult with a personal injury lawyer to find out your rights. You can read more about this minivan recall here.

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Long Island Railroad train accident injured tens of passengers

New York – This week’s train collision involved a passenger commuter train and a maintenance train. Long Island Railroad (LIRR) officials reported that there were approximately 600 passengers on the train at the time of the crash. The initial investigation reveals that the maintenance train got in the way of the commuter one as it was traveling on a nearby track. The closer-than-normal proximity of the 2 trains caused the train accident and led to the train derailment. As the trains collided and then derailed, victims were sent flying in all directions. Emergency responders reported that at least 33 accident victims were injured in the train crash. The injured people were extricated from the wreck and evacuated to area hospitals.

Commuter safety specialists and passengers alike have expressed their outrage. They complain that the train companies must tighten their safety standards to prevent such tragic accidents. They note that vehicles as large and fast as a train require the highest level of safety and accident prevention. Some have contended that safety enforcement has become too lax and has led to negligent maintenance of the equipment. They also warn that engineer drivers often speed and disregard safety directives. Many have pointed to the recent New Jersey train crash that killed one passenger and injured over 100 people on the train and in the train terminal. Federal investigators don’t believe there’s any relationship between these 2 incidents. However, public activists point to the overall environment of lax safety compliance as proof of a more systemic danger that has created a hazardous condition. You can see more about the recent train derailment with updates on the investigation here.

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New York City construction accidents on the rise with inadequate safety

New York – Fast-paced building and renovation work in the city with a disproportionate increase in construction injuries and deaths has been noted recently. Worker safety experts explain that there has been a notable increase in the amount of construction but they fear that safety has fallen by the wayside. This can create a hazardous condition for workers as well as innocent passersby. Inspectors point to the fact that they have recorded many more construction deaths as well as worker injuries on construction sites. However, the statistics show that the accidents and injuries are not proportionate with the increased work volume. In addition, they note that many of the injured workers are undocumented laborers without proper worker’s comp insurance coverage by the employers. It has been suggested that this may point toward bosses pushing their employees to work too fast and not spend time and money on safety precautions. Regulations mandate employers to provide a safe work environment to ensure employee protection and to mitigate on-the-job dangers. Not doing so can make indicate a negligent employer with respect to the injury of a worker or bystander, and therefore liable for bodily injuries and wrongful death.

For an example of recent construction site disasters, see this article about a collapsed ceiling that hurt two workmen. You can also refer to this article about the rise in work injuries in New York building zones.

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Dog attack injure man on his way to work in the Bronx

New York – Two pit bull dogs attacked a man while he walked along a city street in Belmont. The assault was captured on video when bystanders watched in horror and some tried to help the victim. The assault victim explained that he was walking along and saw the pair of dogs walking without a leash. He said that he was not afraid and thought they were friendly, even reaching out his hand as if to say hello. According to some reports, the owner of the dogs began yelling at the man and that’s when the dog mauling began. The pit bulls jumped on top of the man and repeatedly attacked and bit him all over his body. He suffered extensive injuries, including dog bites to his face, chest and both arms. Trauma surgeons later had to repair the man’s injured ear, which had been amputated. After many attempts by bystanders, the man was finally rescued but the dogs apparently attacked some of the other people at the scene as well.

New York City residents were in an uproar over the dangerous incident, saying that police and city officials haven’t done enough to ensure their safety. Note has been made that the 911 dispatcher needed to be told and retold the location of the dog attack many times before actually responding. A recording of the 911 call reveals that the caller, while understandably upset, had clearly reported the address of the emergency call over and over again. However, police and rescuers appear to have been delayed due to the dispatcher re-asking the same questions. Ultimately, it was bystanders who had to step in and come to the victim’s aid since police had not arrived more quickly. In addition, some public activists have noted that the owner of these dogs has been reported in the past for similar problems. They complain that city officials have not done enough to remove the animals from her charge, creating a very serious and hazardous condition for everyone else. The dangerous dog owner was arrested and charges assessed. You can find out more about this assault and her arrest here.

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New York City wall collapsed during deadly construction accident

New York – One workman was killed and two more workers were injured in a construction accident in Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago. The family of the killed worker report that he had often complained about the hazardous condition in and around the work site. The building was undergoing renovations and complaints have arisen surrounding the structural safety prior to the partial building collapse. The specific wall collapsed on top of the three construction workers while they were apparently not properly protected according to accepted safety standards and regulations. The injured victims were extricated by fire fighters and emergency rescuers, then rushed to the emergency room. Unfortunately, one of the workers died of multiple crush wounds with severe internal injuries. Doctors in the hospital explain that they performed all possible procedures but were unable to save his life. The remaining injury victims were treated for various work-related injuries and are expected to survive.

Construction safety specialists note that this accident is far from being the first in the city. They point to several other construction and work accidents and injuries, as discussed here. Activists warn that employers and contractors must be held accountable for not adhering to safety regulations and placing the health and lives of workers and bystanders at risk. You can also read about a recent elevator accident that killed a worker who fell several stories down an elevator shaft and died.

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Hazardous condition blamed for building explosion in Manhattan

New York – Records illustrate that a building fire and explosion in the East Village area of New York City may have been due to illegal work on the gas line that left a dangerous gas leak. The building was flagged as having a possible natural gas leak in August 2014 after a meter reading worker smelled gas. The gas company report that they sent a team of employees to the scene and found several gas leaks and an overall dangerous situation after seeing that the original gas line had been illegally tapped into several times. The illegal work was possibly done by the owner of the building or with his knowledge. There was a restaurant in the building that was authorized to have a natural gas hook up to the company. However, the other residents apparently were illegally and dangerously connected to the same gas line according to accounts. The gas company then turned off service but allowed the owner of the building to correct the negligent maintenance work. The service to the building was restored after the gas company re-inspected the situation and found it to be safe. Now, public safety activists are questioning if the repair work was done properly and according to safety code. Some suspect that the illegal work may have been repeated but further inspection is necessary to determine fault. Nearby construction work was underway and Consolidated Edison inspectors were at the scene only approximately one hour earlier, reportedly having determined that the construction and renovation work failed their safety standards. It is unclear if that work was in any way related to the gas fire.

The fire has been blamed on a natural gas explosion according to New York City Fire Department (FDNY) officials. The original explosion demolished 3 buildings in total, including at least one restaurant and multiple apartments. Yesterday, the remains of two of the deadly accident victims were found at the scene. At least twenty-two people were injured in the blast, with many of them suffering burns, broken bones, lacerations as well as internal injuries. See this article for more details about the building accident.

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Dangerous construction accidents in New York investigated

New York – Construction injuries have, unfortunately, become an expected reality in the industry, according to work safety advocates. They say that employers sometimes shirk their responsibilities by not following safety codes and create a hazardous condition for their workers. One hardhat construction worker suffered a fall injury in the World Trade Center site when he fell from a scaffold to the ground, nearly 20 feet below. Witnesses contend that the work accident occurred because the shoring equipment was unstable and no ladder was provided by the construction company. They note that the scaffold tipped over and collapsed, causing the worker to suffer a spinal injury with back pain, fractures and a permanent disability. The man’s injuries also included broken ribs and a head injury according to doctors. Accusations against various construction companies and contractors have since arisen, claiming that employers have tried to cover up accidents and injuries. Workers have reported that bosses have ordered the clean-up of the site of a construction injury in order to hide evidence of negligence. In addition, investigations have shown that employers have been known to avoid reporting workplace accidents, with as many as 34 serious on-the-job injuries going unreported to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the federal agency tasked with ensuring work safety. These accidents have been documented to have caused hips fractures, broken bones as well as neck and back injury. Worksite safety activists explain that these employers may have been trying to avoid negligence lawsuits and worker’s compensation injury claims while ignoring the damage they caused to the lives and families of the injured workers. Read details about the investigations into the unreported occupational worker’s comp injuries here.

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Dangerous cars sold after flood damage

A used car dealer was arrested for illegally selling flood damaged cars after last year’s hurricane. The cars, believed to have been sold to New York and New Jersey residents, were severely damaged by flood waters and were declared “totaled” by their insurance companies. However, this did not stop the owner of the used car seller from selling the hazardous vehicles as regular, safe cars. Car safety experts explain that the salt and water mixture together with the sand and debris from the flood waters can have dangerous effects on the cars, leading to a car fire and/or a car accident. Experts have expressed concern regarding the dangers created by the negligent sale of the potentially deadly vehicles that has created a hazardous condition for everyone on the road. According to officials, the damaged cars were given false identities when the seller created fake ownership titles.

The safety, legal and moral implications of creating the false paperwork apparently did not bother the owner of the car salespeople. They have been arrested and charged with various crimes that endanger public safety. In the meantime, the cars that have been identified as having potential to create an accident, fire or other hazard, have been taken off of the road. Experts say that these vehicles must not be driven and are useful only for spare parts. They warn that use of the vehicles can otherwise lead to injury or wrongful death. Industry specialists explain that electrical components can short circuit or overheat and moving parts may malfunction. Other concerns involve internal rust damage that can lead to a dangerous leak. Investigators will need to continue researching the sale of the dangerous vehicles in order to determine if there are any other cars involved. As of now, no injuries or car crash incidents have been reported involving these vehicles. A New York City accident lawyer noted that if anyone was injured by one of these cars, they have the right to speak to an attorney to decide on the best course of action. More on this investigation of dangerous car sales can be found here.

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Construction accident injures bystander on Manhattan street

New York – A woman was injured in a construction accident on a busy sidewalk in Manhattan. According to video evidence close to the accident scene, a woman bystander was struck in the leg by a saw blade that had flown off of a piece of construction machinery. It is still unclear how the accident occurred, with some witnesses reporting that the equipment broke while the saw was cutting a section of the roadway. The victim suffered a laceration and leg injury and then fell during the accident. Workers and other bystanders reported that the entire incident took place so quickly that it left everyone in shock. Some activists believe that the accident possibly occurred due to negligence. They attribute the accident and injuries to a combination of negligent maintenance of the machines along with lack of appropriate closing of the sidewalk and street. Officials say that the street was being dug up in order to fix a broken water main. However, safety codes normally say that dangerous construction sites must be sectioned off from pedestrian and vehicle traffic, as necessary, in order to prevent injury or death. Leaving a hazardous condition open to innocent bystanders See more about the work site accident along with a video here.

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