Best New York Personal Injury Lawyers Hold Doctors Accountable for Negligence

Had a personal injury, car accident or malpractice that left you or a loved one in a hospital? According to the NY Times, 98,000 patients die in the US every year due to avoidable hospital mistakes. This includes medical malpractice, negligence, errors and omissions. New York’s best personal injury lawyers know it, as they have defended the rights of medical malpractice victims for over twenty years. NY injury lawyers proved that a NY hospital’s failure to diagnose Meningitis caused long term injury for a two-year old girl. Injury attorneys helped the victim successfully recover $3 Million for her personal injuries due to the hospital negligence. The recently published national hospital safety report recommends greater doctor accountability. Doctors must step up and standardize patient safety procedures. For example, Dr, Wachter says that hospital can consistently improve upon standards of hand hygiene in US hospitals. NY win injury lawyers agree.NY Injury lawyers established that a NY doctor mis-treated a two year old child with a leg fracture. Lawyers earned $2 Million for the injury victim. In the meantime, the Institute of Medicine report recommends that hospitalized patients have loved ones by their side, providing patients and medical personnel with an extra set of eyes and ears for the patient’s well being.

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