Birth Injury: Hospital Negligence Causes Infant Death

Babies are born every hour in New York’s busy hospitals. Unfortunately, medical malpractice strikes with similar vengeance, say New York’s top personal injury lawyers. Maryland hospitals show the same trend. According to a Maryland jury, these first-time parents lost their newborn son due to avoidable childbirth complications. Their obstetrician elected to force the baby out during birth, using vacuum suction. The victim’s parents claim they would have pursued a Cesarean section (C-Section), had the physician informed them of the vacuum’s risks. As a result of the birth injury, the newborn baby died a wrongful death due to bleeding in the scalp. Sound familiar? Unfortunately, it happens all the time. Physicians have an obligation to inform patients and their decision makers of the risks involved in medical procedures. But doctors sometime do not get informed consent, and medical malpractice ensues. A related form of medical malpractice is failure to diagnose. Consider this $3.4 Million failure to diagnose case, in which a New York hospital doctor failed to identify a severe infection. Consequently, the child suffers permanent orthopedic disabilities. In another New York personal injury case, a NY hospital failed to diagnose a Meningitis infection, which led to the girl suffering hearing loss. Thanks to Manhattan’s winning injury lawyers, the patient recovered $3 Million for her pain and suffering. Patients can do their best to avoid personal injury and harm. Get the information, and follow-up on medical malpractice. Take a look at Wrongful Death While Waiting in Hospital Emergency Room, and plan your family’s emergency hospital routes.

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