Manhattan crane accident kills construction worker

New York – A workman suffered fatal injuries when the boom of a crane collapsed on top of him this past week. The crane was attached to a truck and being moved at the work site at the time of the calamity. According to reports, the hardhat worker was actually the crane safety coordinator and was crushed between the heavy steel of the arm and the truck below. Initial investigation into the construction accident reveals that the hydraulic mechanism failed, causing the crash. Further scrutiny will be necessary to determine if there were prior indications of the crane malfunctioning and if proper safety precautions were taken by both workers and the employer. Construction safety experts explain that negligent maintenance or neglect can lead to this type of accident. They note that construction cranes, especially mobile ones, require close examination and repairs on a regular basis to avoid such a catastrophe. This work accident led to the death of one man and could have caused even more deaths or injuries, necessitating close examination into the cause of the collapse.

This incident is reminiscent of another recent construction accident in New York and another crane accident that was blamed on faulty cheap replacement parts brought in by the owner. Those previous accidents also left several injured workers in their wake. See more about this past week’s crane collapse here.

Illustrative photo by booledozer [CC BY-SA 2.0 or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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