Michael Jackson May Have Gotten More for His Burn Injuries

Much media coverage has gone to Michael Jackson’s 1984 burn accident, while filming a Pepsi commercial. Pepsi ultimately paid Jackson $1.5 Million for his pain, injury and suffering, which later required multiple corrective surgeries, grafting and pain treatment. Looking back, New York’s top injury lawyers suggest that Jackson’s monetary compensation was relatively small. In comparison, Morrison & Wagner, a leading NY personal injury and accident lawyers, earned a $4.5 Million Settlement for a 38-year old Bronx woman, injured by a slip and fall burn accident in her apartment. Granted that not every injury or slip and fall case is the same. Or consider this $1.9 Million payment for a pedestrian bus accident injury. Top-notch New York accident lawyers help clients assess the likelihood of winning a case, and then fight it with full force, to maximize injury compensation. Keep in mind that winning personal injury lawyers are comfortable working on a contingency basis, as they are willing to bet on their own success. So if you or a loved one have a burn or slip and fall, go for Manhattan’s best personal injury lawyers.

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