New York City taxi accident killed pedestrian

New York – A pedestrian accident left a woman dead after she was hit by a cab as she was crossing the street. Witnesses say that the woman and her friend were crossing the Upper East Side road when a taxi struck her and pushed her into the lane of another cabbie. The second taxi crashed into the already injured victim, possibly causing the fatal blow. Bystanders raced to start treating the woman’s accident injuries and stop traffic in order to prevent another car crash. Police believe the two pedestrians may have been jaywalking but it was unclear if the yellow cabs were speeding at the time of the collision. Accident specialists explain that the cause of a car crash is not always immediately evident and requires close examination. Anything from drunk driving or a distracted driver to speeding or poor road design can contribute to an accident. They note that some collisions have multiple contributing causes and a complete investigation is necessary to prevent further injuries or wrongful deaths. Some hazardous conditions can simply be alleviated by installing better signs or lighting while other car accidents can be prevented with stronger police enforcement of known trouble spots. For example, police awareness and ticketing programs to prevent reckless driving or driving while texting or talking on a cell phone can help prevent crashes. However, experts note that the taxi drivers may have also suffered injuries during the accident that may have been caused by the pedestrians. They explain that everyone that shares the roadway is expected to follow the appropriate laws, including pedestrians and bicyclists. If you, or someone you know, were involved in a motor vehicle accident, you are entitled to discuss your case with an experienced accident lawyer to determine your rights. Read more about this pedestrian struck accident here.

Illustrative photo by The Wordsmith (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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