New York injury lawyers applaud new road safety initiative

New York – A Queens hospital held a conference to discuss traffic accidents and injuries this past Thursday. The hospital’s head of the neurosurgery department organized the meeting in an attempt to prevent car crashes, bicycle accidents and pedestrian injuries that have become so common on the local roads. Neurological and neurosurgical injuries that are often treated by the hospital can include a traumatic brain injury with hemorrhage, concussion, spinal cord damage and vertebral fractures as well as nerve damage. Soon after the hospital’s conference, a New York City transportation safety advocacy group held an awareness demonstration. At the rally and march, the activists demanded improved road safety with enforcement of traffic laws and education of both drivers and pedestrians. In addition, they explained the importance of proper road and sidewalk design to prevent car accidents but also to protect people in case of a collision. A top New York accident law firm has applauded the safety efforts of everyone involved, noting that an injury suffered by an accident victim can leave the person disabled and unable to care for him or herself. Many injuries can even be fatal.
Raising further concern, the Fire Department of New York’s Emergency Medical Services branch shared some of the horrifying statistics regarding crashes and injuries in the city. More than 14,000 pedestrians and bicyclists were hurt in a road accident last year. The police department has been criticized by some for their lax policies on investigating accidents and issuing tickets. Some improvements with their policies are pending and these will hopefully improve the situation, as we’ve discussed in this forum in the past. In the meantime, many injury victims find it necessary to speak to an accident lawyer to help advocate for their rights.

Photo by U.S. Navy Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Gary Granger Jr. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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