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Electric bicycle accident leaves one dead and another injured in Central Park

New York – An intersection in Central Park was the scene of a pedestrian struck by an electric bicycle. The cyclist apparently lost control of his e-bike and crashed into an elderly pedestrian and then both fell to the ground. The electric bicycle driver suffered a severe head injury with traumatic brain injury. He subsequently died of his bike accident injuries according to doctors. Reports show that the injured bicyclist wasn’t wearing a helmet at the time of the collision. According to New York City laws, it is actually illegal to ride an e-bike or electric scooter on city streets and sidewalks. Pedestrian and public safety activists explain that the speed and recklessness of those driving electric bikes and scooters poses a danger to public safety. They contend that this type of accident is all too common and must be prevented. The pedestrian hit in this case suffered injuries but is expected to survive. However, activists say, the next accident victim may not be so lucky. In the meantime, the rider killed in the accident demonstrates in vivid reality the dangerous situation created for everyone involved. Many cases have been documented of riders texting while driving or talking on a cell phone while driving. These distracted drivers can cause horrible accidents and injuries due to the speed and problems of bicyclists who weave in and around traffic and pedestrians.

Proper statistics are hard to determine but there seems to be an easygoing attitude when it comes to these electric bicycles and scooters. Many riders treat them as children’s toys while they are capable of very fast speeds and cause injuries and wrongful death. Many drivers can be seen not holding on with both hands or maintaining control and concentration over their driving. It is still unclear whether or not this specific driver was guilty of being a reckless driver or who had the right-of-way at the time of the crash. Further details of this pedestrian accident and debate over the legalities of these electric vehicles are discussed here.

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Truck accident kills bicyclist in Manhattan

New York – A bicycle rider was struck and killed in a truck accident in the early morning last month. Police reports note that the accident victim was hit as the truck turned a corner into the man. The bicycle accident sent the victim falling to the ground and suffering with multiple extensive injuries. Officials say that the driver then left the scene of the truck crash but it is unclear whether or not he was aware that he had just struck a pedestrian. If it was, in fact, a hit and run accident, the driver can face even more serious criminal charges for a hit-and-run accident with injuries. Public safety advocates expressed significant concern about this crash and believe it is a case of wrongful death. They note that this same oil truck company has been involved in several previous fatal pedestrian accidents. The drivers were different in each of the prior deadly accidents but the question of proper safety training and negligent maintenance needs full investigation. You can read more about this deadly bicycle crash here.

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Bicycle accidents, broken bones and traumatic brain injuries

As warm weather moves in, increased bike accidents become more common and lead to serious accident injuries. Statistics show huge increases in the numbers and severity of these accidents despite safety efforts. Experts note that children and adults are wearing helmets and other safety equipment more than in the past. None-the-less, some have pointed to worsening speeding drivers, reckless driving and hazardous conditions that contribute to injuries and wrongful deaths during road accidents involving bicycles. They explain that a car crash involving a bicyclist is much more likely to cause serious or life threatening injury when the vehicle is speeding or if there is a distracted driver behind the wheel. Studies into bicycle collisions show wounds that range from lacerations that can cause nerve damage, to broken bones, to neck and back injuries and even head injury with a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Doctors say that helmets have improved the outcomes for accident victims injured in a bicycle accident. However, high speed motor vehicle collisions can still lead to these injuries. This article explains more about the recent research into bike accidents.

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Bus crashes injured pedestrians and bicyclist in New York City

New York – A pedestrian accident left two women with severe injuries after they were hit by a bus in Manhattan. The bus crash occurred when the women were crossing the intersection of 47th Street and 10th Avenue in Midtown. The bus driver was turning left onto the side street and apparently had a green light according to witnesses. However, pedestrians crossing at a crosswalk usually have the right-of-way over motor vehicle traffic. The bus struck the pedestrians and left one of the women crushed under a back wheel of the vehicle. The other accident victim was thrown to the ground after being hit and suffered a leg injury. Emergency crews rapidly responded to the scene of the collision and had to extricate the trapped victim from under the tire. Police explain that the bus was owned and operated by a private transportation company. They were continuing their investigation into the cause of the bus accident and the safety record of the bus company.
Reports also show that a second, unrelated bus crash occurred only four days later, this time in Brooklyn, NY. That bus was operated by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), who issued a statement that the cause of the accident was actually the bicycle rider. Witnesses reported that the bike rider was working as a delivery man when he suddenly pulled out in front of the bus. The bus then crashed into several cars as it apparently swerved. It was unclear if anyone on the bus suffered any accident injuries. An accident lawyer noted that if substantiated, the bicyclist can face charges and a lawsuit for causing a motor vehicle accident. See this article for more details about the bicycle accident.

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Research shows high incidence of post-traumatic stress disorder in child accidents victims

A Swedish medical research study has shown that approximately 30% of children that are involved in an accident, develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The condition is a well-described psychological disorder that leaves victims with a range of symptoms that can even become debilitating. Signs and symptoms of PTSD include nightmares, sleep problems, anxiety, depression, irritability, difficulty concentrating or getting along with others, mood swings, and recurrent thoughts of accidents. Some people develop difficulty breathing, a rapid heartbeat, sweating and phobias of places that resemble the scene of the accident. The diagnosis of the psychological injury usually comes from a psychologist or psychiatrist but can also be made by an astute family doctor, neurologist or trauma specialist. Doctors say that medications and intense therapy are often necessary to treat more severe cases of the disorder. However, specialists say that even more mild cases should be diagnosed and treated appropriately in order to avoid worsening of the condition. PTSD can certainly present differently in children compared to adults. The condition is also not necessarily associated with physical accident injuries. Therefore, experts note that a medical or psychological professional should examine children that were involved in an accident to screen for the condition even if the victim did not suffer outwardly visible physical injury. Trauma specialists explain that events that may cause PTSD can include a car crash, bicycle accident, pedestrian injury, drowning or even a slip and fall accident. They further note that child accident victims may interpret even minor accidents differently than an adult. That may explain the reason for the high incidence of the psychiatric injury in children. See this informative article about post-traumatic stress disorder for more details about the condition.

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Bicycle accident involving New York City bike sharing program

New York – The bicycle sharing program in the city has been blamed for an accident injury after a rider hit a road barrier. The man explains that he was riding the bicycle along the public roadway and approaching a docking station when the front wheel struck the concrete obstruction. He contends that the object was basically hidden from his view due to its common gray color and placement, causing him to crash. The bike crash caused a head injury and subsequent traumatic brain injury, according to reports. The accident victim says that nerve damage in his brain caused him to lose his sense of smell and ability to taste. The man has filed a personal injury lawsuit due to claims of negligence in the installation and maintenance of the barrier. Inspection of the accident scene shows that the stumbling block has now been painted orange with a traffic cone placed nearby to warn pedestrians and bicyclists of the dangerous situation. Some have pointed out that the obstacle should have been clearly marked at the time of installation in order to prevent just such a bicycle collision or trip and fall accident. They say that these types of hazards should have been picked up on by bike sharing program organizers before someone got hurt in an accident. The road hazard was placed right next to a cross walk, where pedestrians and bike riders would expect to be able to ride or walk safely. Further investigation is necessary to determine who is responsible for the proper installation and maintenance of these road barriers. Find out more about the accident in this article.

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New York injury lawyers applaud new road safety initiative

New York – A Queens hospital held a conference to discuss traffic accidents and injuries this past Thursday. The hospital’s head of the neurosurgery department organized the meeting in an attempt to prevent car crashes, bicycle accidents and pedestrian injuries that have become so common on the local roads. Neurological and neurosurgical injuries that are often treated by the hospital can include a traumatic brain injury with hemorrhage, concussion, spinal cord damage and vertebral fractures as well as nerve damage. Soon after the hospital’s conference, a New York City transportation safety advocacy group held an awareness demonstration. At the rally and march, the activists demanded improved road safety with enforcement of traffic laws and education of both drivers and pedestrians. In addition, they explained the importance of proper road and sidewalk design to prevent car accidents but also to protect people in case of a collision. A top New York accident law firm has applauded the safety efforts of everyone involved, noting that an injury suffered by an accident victim can leave the person disabled and unable to care for him or herself. Many injuries can even be fatal.
Raising further concern, the Fire Department of New York’s Emergency Medical Services branch shared some of the horrifying statistics regarding crashes and injuries in the city. More than 14,000 pedestrians and bicyclists were hurt in a road accident last year. The police department has been criticized by some for their lax policies on investigating accidents and issuing tickets. Some improvements with their policies are pending and these will hopefully improve the situation, as we’ve discussed in this forum in the past. In the meantime, many injury victims find it necessary to speak to an accident lawyer to help advocate for their rights.

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Bicycle accident in Brooklyn leaves man injured

New York – Witnesses report that a bicyclist was hit by a garbage truck in Brooklyn, NY a few days ago. The truck accident crushed the bicycle underneath its front end and injured the cyclist. Specifics of the accident victim’s injuries were unknown but evidence shows that he suffered at least a leg injury during the crash. Trauma specialists note that bicycle accidents can be quite severe, leaving the injured person with broken bones, neck and back injuries and head injury. They explain that even with the use of a helmet, a bicycle crash can cause a traumatic brain injury and death. Internal injuries and fractures are even more likely and serious when the injury involves a garbage truck accident. Just before the weekend another bicyclist was hit by a garbage truck and was killed.

Several New York traffic and bicycle safety laws are in place to try to prevent accidents, injuries and death. Advocates say that the next step is for police and the courts to enforce those laws in order to truly protect citizens. Some have contended that many of the rules and regulations have been ignored, leading to a dangerous situation that puts everyone at risk. They warn that illegally parked cars, trash left in city bicycle lanes and aggressive or even reckless drivers have been ignored by law enforcement officials. Awareness programs are also sorely needed to educate citizens about their rights in case they were injured in an accident. Experts explain that the most basic right is to speak to an experienced injury attorney about your case. Read more about bicycle crashes, safety and statistics here.

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New York City bicycle accidents on the rise

New York — Earlier today a bicycle crash in Brooklyn claimed yet another accident victim’s life. Bystanders believe that a truck driver was at-fault for the dangerous collision when he was speeding and turned into the bicyclist. The flatbed tow-truck driver reportedly stopped at the accident scene for a few moments but then got back into his vehicle and fled before witnesses could stop him. The hit-and-run accident left the injured victim in critical condition and emergency services were called by local residents. The man died on the street while waiting for the ambulance to arrive according to his family. According to analysts, this crash was yet another bicycle collision the growing list that have been occurring in the busy city. Some believe that reckless drivers will cause even more accidents as the New York City bike share program puts even more cyclists in harm’s way. Some observers have warned that the program hasn’t done enough to prevent injuries, such as providing easily accessible helmets or proper warnings about the dangers of riding on city roads. A man was hit by an SUV cab driver when riding a shared bicycle only three days after the program debuted. Traffic safety experts say that one of the major problems is that drivers don’t safely share the streets with pedestrians, bicycles or even other cars. They say that drivers are often distracted by cell phones and texting or they are speeding and weaving through traffic dangerously. The alleged hit-and-run truck driver from today’s bicycle accident was found and arrested within hours of the incident. Criminal charges as well as a likely wrongful death lawsuit are pending. A video and updated article about this crash is available here.

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Car crashes into sidewalk injuring pedestrians in Lower Manhattan

New York — A driver plowed his car into a sidewalk in the East Village section of Manhattan this past week. Reports indicate that at least four crash victims, including several store workers, were treated for multiple injuries from the accident. Bystanders in the area indicated that the car accident scene left injured people and debris scattered with emergency rescuers struggling to take care of the wounded. The pedestrians and one bicyclist were stabilized on the scene and taken by ambulance to city emergency rooms for treatment. Police report that the driver of the car that caused the pedestrian accident was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. They noted that the driver has a record of drunk driving or driving while impaired by drugs in the past. No obvious cause for the car crash has been reported, as the roads were clear and no other vehicles were involved. Pedestrian safety advocates in New York explain that drivers need to be much more careful in order to avoid hurting or killing innocent people walking or riding their bicycles. Another pedestrian accident occurred on Long Island, NY over the weekend. That collision left a family, including three children injured, when the driver hit them with his SUV. Police did not indicate that they believed the driver was drunk or otherwise impaired. Some people familiar with the accident think that the man was a distracted driver. Overall, safety activists are concerned that motor vehicle accidents are becoming more common and more deadly in New York City. A top accident lawyer warns that drivers need to be more attentive to their driving and avoid the commonplace distractions that are often associated with dangerous driving. This can include driving while on the cell phone, texting or sending emails while driving and even watching videos and eating while behind the wheel. To find out more about the growing list of injuries and deaths from car accidents in New York City, check out this article.

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