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Car crashes into sidewalk injuring pedestrians in Lower Manhattan

New York — A driver plowed his car into a sidewalk in the East Village section of Manhattan this past week. Reports indicate that at least four crash victims, including several store workers, were treated for multiple injuries from the accident. Bystanders in the area indicated that the car accident scene left injured people and debris scattered with emergency rescuers struggling to take care of the wounded. The pedestrians and one bicyclist were stabilized on the scene and taken by ambulance to city emergency rooms for treatment. Police report that the driver of the car that caused the pedestrian accident was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. They noted that the driver has a record of drunk driving or driving while impaired by drugs in the past. No obvious cause for the car crash has been reported, as the roads were clear and no other vehicles were involved. Pedestrian safety advocates in New York explain that drivers need to be much more careful in order to avoid hurting or killing innocent people walking or riding their bicycles. Another pedestrian accident occurred on Long Island, NY over the weekend. That collision left a family, including three children injured, when the driver hit them with his SUV. Police did not indicate that they believed the driver was drunk or otherwise impaired. Some people familiar with the accident think that the man was a distracted driver. Overall, safety activists are concerned that motor vehicle accidents are becoming more common and more deadly in New York City. A top accident lawyer warns that drivers need to be more attentive to their driving and avoid the commonplace distractions that are often associated with dangerous driving. This can include driving while on the cell phone, texting or sending emails while driving and even watching videos and eating while behind the wheel. To find out more about the growing list of injuries and deaths from car accidents in New York City, check out this article.

Photo by Youngking11 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Traumatic head injury linked to long-term disability

Current research into concussion due to a head injury shows that the victim is much more likely to suffer in the future with degenerative brain problems. Medical research for centuries has acknowledged that head trauma victims commonly suffer with chronic memory loss and other cognitive injuries. However, this latest study shows that a concussion injury patient can also develop dementia or other degenerative brain disorders due to structural damage to the brain. This can leave the person who was hurt in an accident permanently disabled. Common causes of a concussion, also referred to as a mild traumatic brain injury, include a car crash, construction accident, pedestrian hit by a car or even a slip and fall accident. Some citizen activists as well as concerned doctors note that a new bicycle sharing program in New York City may lead to more head injuries and concussions. They have leveled concerns that the city should provide helmets when riders are using their bicycles in order to prevent more debilitating brain injuries. Accident specialist explain that a bicycle accident leaves the victim at significantly increased risk of injury or death due to lack of safety technology as would be found in a car. When a bicyclist is hit by a car, the wounded rider can be crushed by the car or even thrown into the air for several feet. The injury risk is even greater when the accident involves a bus or truck, as are commonly found on the streets of metropolitan New York. Some believe this is a significant liability and could constitute negligence if the administrators of the program know that riders don’t have reasonable access to safety equipment such as a helmet. They warn that making bicycles more accessible to the public comes with increased responsibility for their safety. Check out more on the latest research into post-concussion injuries here.

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