Bicycle accident in Brooklyn leaves man injured

New York – Witnesses report that a bicyclist was hit by a garbage truck in Brooklyn, NY a few days ago. The truck accident crushed the bicycle underneath its front end and injured the cyclist. Specifics of the accident victim’s injuries were unknown but evidence shows that he suffered at least a leg injury during the crash. Trauma specialists note that bicycle accidents can be quite severe, leaving the injured person with broken bones, neck and back injuries and head injury. They explain that even with the use of a helmet, a bicycle crash can cause a traumatic brain injury and death. Internal injuries and fractures are even more likely and serious when the injury involves a garbage truck accident. Just before the weekend another bicyclist was hit by a garbage truck and was killed.

Several New York traffic and bicycle safety laws are in place to try to prevent accidents, injuries and death. Advocates say that the next step is for police and the courts to enforce those laws in order to truly protect citizens. Some have contended that many of the rules and regulations have been ignored, leading to a dangerous situation that puts everyone at risk. They warn that illegally parked cars, trash left in city bicycle lanes and aggressive or even reckless drivers have been ignored by law enforcement officials. Awareness programs are also sorely needed to educate citizens about their rights in case they were injured in an accident. Experts explain that the most basic right is to speak to an experienced injury attorney about your case. Read more about bicycle crashes, safety and statistics here.

Photo by S. Virji [license]

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