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Pedestrian accident leaves child with traumatic brain injury

New York – The driver of a car in Nassau County, Long Island apparently hit a pedestrian as she was crossing the street over the weekend. The victim, only 10 years old, was struck by a car and suffered a severe head injury. She was rushed to the emergency room of a hospital and listed in critical condition according to doctors. The accident victim was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury but it is unclear how much brain function was affected. The car accident in under investigation, with investigators looking into the mechanical functioning of the car as well as the actions of the driver.

Trauma specialists explain that a head injury can cause a concussion, loss of consciousness and intracranial hemorrhage. Each of these may be classified as a traumatic brain injury and further investigation and treatment is crucial. A simple concussion may lead to post-concussional syndrome that can leave the victim disabled and unable to function. In addition, intracranial bleeding can lead to a person needing emergency surgery and a coma. Recent research on the topic of traumatic brain injuries in children suggests that treatment can be improved using nutrition. However, the victims and their families can be left with lifelong medical bills, pain and suffering. If you or someone you know suffered a head injury, you have the right to discuss the details of your case with an injury attorney.

Illustrative Image by U.S. Navy photo by Tom Watanabe. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Bus crash injures dozens in Lincoln Tunnel

New York – Upwards of 40 accident victims were injured when one bus rear-ended another during rush hour commute into Manhattan this past week. The rear-end collision occurred when a New Jersey Transit bus filled with commuters collided with a school bus filled with children. The school bus was transporting the school kids into New York City for a graduation trip when the bus accident occurred. Initial analysis shows that the commuter bus driver was unable to stop in time to avoid the crash during traffic. Further investigation was necessary to determine why this was the case, and to rule out driver negligence or criminal activity, such as drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs. Commuter advocates say that some bus drivers are not properly trained or don’t always follow safety regulations, leading to increased dangers on the roads. For example, drivers need to make sure that they are well rested and not tired from driving shifts that are longer than permitted. In addition, drivers must direct their full attention to the roadways and traffic conditions, adjusting their driving accordingly. However, some activists warn that bus drivers, much like car and truck drivers, have become too distracted by things such as texting while driving, talking on a cell phone or adjusting the radio. These actions create a dangerous condition that is more likely to lead to this kind of accident.

The injury victims were treated on the scene and some were transported by ambulances to various hospitals. Others were directed to see their private doctors for evaluation and treatment of their injuries. Experts note that some of these injuries may not become fully evident until hours, days or even weeks after the motor vehicle collision. For example, what starts off as a mild stiff neck or backache can sometimes worsen and end up creating a permanent injury with spinal injuries and nerve damage. If you or someone that you know are injured in a vehicle crash, it is advised to see a physician or go to an emergency room for evaluation. You also have the right to speak to a top injury attorney who has expertise in dealing with personal injuries after a motor vehicle accident. See this site for more about last week’s bus accident.

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Questions mount regarding safety of medications containing niacin

Medical studies point to dangerous medication side effects of taking niacin but many doctors still prescribe the drug. Hundreds of thousands of patients in the United States are being given prescription Niacin according to recent statistics. Even more take the medicine without prescription, sold as vitamin B-3 over-the-counter in pharmacies, supermarkets and online. However, ongoing research of the prescription drug reveals that there are considerable side effects and possible health dangers in taking it. Some believe that the studies and literature clearly point to increased risk of wrongful death that has been ignored by many doctors and hospitals. The most common brand name of the medication is Niaspan, that is manufactured by a large U.S. drug company. Experts say that the nearly $1 Billion sales of the medicine in the U.S. alone may explain why the potentially hazardous product hasn’t been recalled from the market. There are many individuals and companies that have a lot of invested interest in ignoring the crucial warnings regarding the pills. Some have suggested that it is the responsibility of the drug makers to halt sales of the medication until they have more thoroughly studied its health effects. They contend that it is negligent for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to continue selling a product that hasn’t been fully researched and may quite possibly be injuring the public health. People who are taking niacin-related medication should discuss any concerns with their healthcare professional before stopping it. If you or someone you know may have been injured by a medication, you have the right to speak to an injury attorney that specializes in medical malpractice and liability https://morrisonwagner.com/contact/ to discuss your case. Read about the current medical research on niacin here.

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Bicycle accident in Brooklyn leaves man injured

New York – Witnesses report that a bicyclist was hit by a garbage truck in Brooklyn, NY a few days ago. The truck accident crushed the bicycle underneath its front end and injured the cyclist. Specifics of the accident victim’s injuries were unknown but evidence shows that he suffered at least a leg injury during the crash. Trauma specialists note that bicycle accidents can be quite severe, leaving the injured person with broken bones, neck and back injuries and head injury. They explain that even with the use of a helmet, a bicycle crash can cause a traumatic brain injury and death. Internal injuries and fractures are even more likely and serious when the injury involves a garbage truck accident. Just before the weekend another bicyclist was hit by a garbage truck and was killed.

Several New York traffic and bicycle safety laws are in place to try to prevent accidents, injuries and death. Advocates say that the next step is for police and the courts to enforce those laws in order to truly protect citizens. Some have contended that many of the rules and regulations have been ignored, leading to a dangerous situation that puts everyone at risk. They warn that illegally parked cars, trash left in city bicycle lanes and aggressive or even reckless drivers have been ignored by law enforcement officials. Awareness programs are also sorely needed to educate citizens about their rights in case they were injured in an accident. Experts explain that the most basic right is to speak to an experienced injury attorney about your case. Read more about bicycle crashes, safety and statistics here.

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