New York City bus driver will have his day in court after suffering head injury in assault at work

A Brooklyn, NY bus driver was assaulted in an on the job injury. He was driving his usual route when a passenger assaulted him causing an injury to his head. The man who assaulted him was recently indicted in court. The injured victim continues to suffer with headaches, an eye injury, neck pain and back pain from the vicious attack. Bus drivers in New York City complain that assault is not the only type of work injury they are exposed to regularly. Other common workers comp injuries include motor vehicle accidents and slip and fall injuries. This worker also suffered a job injury and won a large settlement in his court case. New York personal injury lawyers report that assaults account for a good percentage of personal injury lawsuits. One man filed a lawsuit case and won after an assault with a pool cube. If you have suffered a personal injury from an assault contact an experienced attorney to find out your rights. Get the full scoop on the injured bus driver here.

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