New York Wrongful Death in Brooklyn Elevator Shaft

Tall buildings and cranky elevators are commonplace in the city that never sleeps. Unfortunately, so is accident injury and wrongful death, declare NY personal injury lawyers. Last weekend, Gerhardt Fuchs, a talented Brooklyn drummer, fell down an elevator shaft, while trying to escape from the stalled lift. Fuchs was on his way to a party in the upper stories of the building, sometime after midnight. This is not the first time that injury attorneys are writing about dangerous elevators and their risks. In September, top New York Personal Injury lawyers presented a 1994 Elevator study by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) that recorded as many as 7,300 escalator and 9,800 elevator injuries that necessitated hospitalization — all in a single year! Elevators require frequent inspections, maintenance and proper usage. Gerhardt and another passenger (who survived) were allegedly traveling up a freight elevator that should not have operated after business hours, without an on-site attendee. We regret to hear of the New York wrongful death. Read about this Queens Wrongful Death here. As a pedestrian, elevator passenger, and driver, be careful and avoid a personal injury. If you or a close one of yours got hurt in a NY accident, get legal help right away. Top accident lawyers charge no fees unless they successfully recover your compensation.

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