NY Kite Injury Victim Says Park Negligent, Caused NY Personal Injury

In Asian Kite Fighting, runners line their kite strings with sharp glass and metal, in the hope of slicing down opposing kites. The sport has a history of dangerous conditions in countries such as, India, Korea and Pakistan. When player brought the sport to a New York City park, a serious dangerous condition ensued, says top NY personal injury lawyer. A Twelve-year old skateboarder in Flushing, NY, slashed his neck on a razor a thin, glass-lined kite string. The victim required Emergency Room hospitalization, and medical treatment of five hundred stitches. In light of the personal injury victim’s trauma, pain and suffering, the young man claims that the NY City park was negligent in tolerating the dangerous condition to exist. Got hurt in a NY accident or hospital? Believe that someone was negligent in causing a personal injury? You have a right to sue and receive fair compensation. Go straight to the top. It costs you nothing unless NY personal injury lawyer wins your case or settlement. See the proof. Check out this story in which NY personal injury lawyer sued and successfully recovered $4.5 Million for a NY injury. Get started now.

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