Personal Injury of Close Kind : Family Fight Causes Serious Head Injury

Where do Personal Injuries occur? In short, say New York personal injury lawyers — Anywhere. A personal injury may occur on a stranger’s property, such as while walking through a parking lot or even in one’s own home. These cases are known as premises liability injuries. When such happens, a mortgage company, building owner, or caretaker may be negligent for the injuries that a victim sustained. For instance, see the $4.5 Million Bronx New York injury story Premises Liability – Hole in Kitchen Floor Not Repaired. In addition, personal injuries can occur in the homes and cars of family members and friends. New York’s WHEC recently scooped the story of a 38-year old woman who jumped from a car, while riding along an Ontario highway last Tuesday night with her sister. The woman sustained a severe head injury due to the impact. The cause of the sudden flight was allegedly a disagreement with the victim’s sister. See a half a million dollar New York fight injury, Assault – Victim Hit by Pool Cube. While the woman’s sister in the car may not be negligent, the story does demonstrate that people can get hurt while located in other people’s property. When such accidents do occur, a third party may be liable for creating the dangerous condition personal injury does strike, get the New York personal injury pros on your side, and maximize your compensation. They have a record of winning millions to prove it.

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