Snow Chunks on Roof Cause Ice Car Injury and Car Accident

Loyal readers may recall that we wrote about this issue in an October piece, Get the Ice Off Your Car, or Face New Jersey Law. But now that snow is coming down this January, top NY personal injury lawyers feel the message abut snow ice injury is well worth repeating. Before setting out on the road, check that your car, truck, SUV, or whatever motor vehicle you may drive, is clear of ice blocks and snow, not just on the windshield, but anywhere. When propelling at high speeds, the weighty mass of an ice block can smash an oncoming windshield, causing a major motor vehicle personal injury to nearby cars and pedestrians. NY personal injury lawyers know, as they have helped NY injury victims of car accident injuries and pedestrian injuries recover millions. See this story of negligent truck driver who hit a motorcycle. We commend New Jersey’s The Record and Road Warrior for echoing our warnings about the dangerous conditions caused by car-borne ice and snow. As The Records writers put it, drivers ought to step up to their snow-commuting responsibilities, or stay at home. NY personal injury lawyers feel the best injury, is No Injury.

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