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Motorcycle accident in Brooklyn involved improperly licensed rider

New York – Investigators into the cause of a motorcycle collision yesterday have indicated that the motorcycle rider did not hold the proper license and was therefore driving illegally. Police report that the crash involved two cars and the motorcyclist. Apparently, the driver of the motorcycle was driving dangerously, as he was attempting to do stunts, according to witnesses. They note that the dangerous driver was performing reckless maneuvers when his bike slammed into a car. That car then crashed into a second car after he was unable to stop. The motorcyclist was issued a citation and summons to court for his involvement in causing the car accident as well as his actions leading up to the crash. The charges may be based on the combination of being accused of being a reckless driver and not having the correct motorcycle license. The extent of the accident injuries is still unclear. Accident specialists explain that the common injuries for a motorcycle rider differ greatly from those suffered by drivers and occupants of cars. Extensive evaluation and testing is sometimes necessary to discover latent injuries suffered during a car crash. See this article for further information about this motor vehicle accident involving three vehicles.

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Stolen car involved in multiple vehicle car crash in Brooklyn

New York – The Belt Parkway in Brooklyn was the scene of a serious car accident involving three vehicles this week. Police believe that the collision began with a stolen SUV speeding down the highway without its headlights on, being driven by the car thief. The thief stole the vehicle in Crown Heights and then drove it recklessly through the city streets until he rear-ended another SUV. That SUV accident didn’t stop the dangerous driver, who fled the scene of the accident and then hit another car. The man then fled the scene of that second collision and eventually hit the highway divider and caused a roll-over accident. Eventually he jumped out of the damaged vehicle and ran away on foot, according to investigators. In his wake, the reckless driving car thief left eight injured accident victims, who were all taken to various New York hospitals. The injuries ranged from minor to critical injuries, reportedly including severe internal injuries and possibly a head injury from the crash. At least three of the injured passengers were children according to officials. Additional investigation is needed to find the hit-and-run driver who apparently stole the vehicle after a woman had left it unlocked in front of her apartment building. Police also explained that the woman had rented the car from someone else in New Jersey. A Manhattan accident specialist attorney https://morrisonwagner.com/about-us/ noted that some of the liability for the accident may fall on the woman who left the SUV unlocked, as a possible act of negligence that led to the dangerous situation. In addition, the owner of the vehicle may also be held responsible. In the meantime, police are looking for the driver of the SUV that caused the multi-vehicle crash. See this article for further details about this SUV accident.

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MTA bus accident in Midtown leaves multiple injuries in its wake

New York – Yesterday’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) bus crash led to at least nine accident victims receiving emergency treatment of their injuries. Several of the injured passengers refused transport to a hospital but may require medical care at a later date. The bus driver admitted to losing control of the bus and crashing into a support pillar of a highway overpass bridge above. The questions regarding why and how the driver lost control remain the focus of the investigation. Police and MTA officials were looking into the cause of the accident, including a check into the driver’s safety record and accident history. They have received eye-witness reports that he was a distracted driver, possibly reaching to get a bottle when the motor vehicle collision occurred. The crash occurred near a curve in the road which may been a factor in the incident. Further scrutiny of this accident with injuries must include evaluation of the mechanical condition of the bus itself. Investigators will need to look at the repair and maintenance records for the vehicle to determine if it was safe for public transportation use. In addition to driver error, negligent maintenance can contribute to mechanical failures and an accident. The city’s MTA hasn’t issued a comment on the bus accident, pending investigation. However, public transit safety advocates are expressing deep concern regarding the driving habits of some of the drivers. They insist that the bus companies and city are responsible to take immediate corrective action against any dangerous driver in order to prevent more accidents, injuries and even death. You can read up more about this bus collision here.

Illustrative Photo Credit: Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York [License] Photo: Marc A. Hermann / MTA New York City Transit

MTA bus accident kills elderly pedestrian in Brooklyn

New York – A pedestrian accident in East Flatbush left the victim dead and the concerned public asking questions of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Police believe that the nearly 80-year-old man was walking in or near an intersection when a city bus ran him over. Sources say that the bus driver failed to yield to the pedestrian and knocked him down. An ambulance and paramedics responded to the accident scene and treated the injury victim. However, his injuries were so severe that the man was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver was arrested and charged with causing the fatal accident. Outcries have emerged from public safety advocates for increased bus and traffic safety in New York City. They explain that some bus drivers are too aggressive and don’t slow down for pedestrians, bicyclists or even other cars. This can create a serious hazard, especially when dealing with a large bus on busy streets. Some have pointed out that city and MTA officials have long known about the need for more training and increased penalties for dangerous drivers and speeders. They have expressed the hope that the police and city will start to take the dangerous condition seriously to avoid another bus crash and wrongful death in the future. Further investigation will be necessary to determine the safety training and driving record of the specific driver in this case. Experts say that bus accidents in the city are too common and can injure both passengers of the bus as well as other motorists, if not dealt with soon. Commuters have also complained about drivers who speed off too soon after picking up passengers, causing them to slip and fall while trying to get to a safe seat. Additional information about this bus crash is available here.

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Deadly car accident day after New York City’s Vision Zero plan kicks off

New York – A serious pedestrian accident occurred in Queens only one day after the mayor’s aggressive accident prevention program took effect. The car crash left one victim dead and two others suffering with multiple accident related injuries. Witnesses say that the vehicle jumped the curb and slammed into 3 pedestrians, trapping one man under the car. The man who was pinned under the vehicle had to be extricated by emergency workers while and was pronounced dead soon thereafter. The remaining victims suffered various injuries, including a head injury, possible leg fracture as well as neck and back pain. They were taken from the scene by ambulance with initial treatments for suspected spinal injury. Police were investigating the possibility that the crash was an assault and not actually an accident. Onlookers note that this fatal crash occurred after the start of the new Vision Zero program, which includes recent lowering of speed limits to generally 25 miles per hour, to prevent such accidents.

City safety activists point out that several additional deadly motor vehicle accidents occurred over the next two days, involving crashes in three different boroughs. One of those accidents killed an elderly man in Brooklyn as he tried to cross the street. A second crash caused fatal injuries for another senior citizen who was crossing the street in Queens. Only several hours later a middle-aged woman was hit by a car in the Bronx. Citizens continue to express their concerns regarding the safety of the city streets and demand that the police and administration take the necessary actions to crack down on safety violations. They worry that a dangerous driver must be removed from the roads well before he or she can cause additional injuries or death. Proponents have expressed their hope for the future, as the city continues to promote safety with the new program. However, they say that it will take serious efforts on the part of city lawmakers and police to follow through on their plans. Please see this article for more details about the recent rash of deadly pedestrian accidents.

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Several motorcycle accidents in New York cause injuries and death

New York – Observers in the area are closely watching multiple motorcycle accident injuries and deaths as investigations continue in what appears to be an cluster of such collisions. A series of motorcycle crash incidents have occurred in Westchester over the past three weeks, with two of the accidents occurring this past Saturday. At least 3 people were injured in the accidents and one was killed. The biker that died in the accident had suffered fatal injuries after his bike collided with a bus. In that bus accident, some of the bus passengers reportedly also suffered injuries but none were reportedly life threatening. Investigators were looking at the possibility of speeding in that accident.

Police in Long Island report that another motorcycle collision occurred in Nassau County that left a woman dead. That bike accident also occurred over a weekend, on a Sunday. However, yet another unrelated bike crash in Queens, NY caused an additional wrongful death on a weekday. The cause of these motorcycle crashes continue to leave activists wondering what can be done to prevent recurrences. Some initiatives have included stepped up enforcement of no speeding laws, prevention of aggressive driving or road rage and education about the dangers of drunk driving. Public safety specialists believe more legal actions need to be taken against dangerous drivers that act negligently and cause motor vehicle accidents. Find out more about the recent bus crash and motorcycle collisions here.

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New York State school bus safety program scheduled for April 3, 2014

New York – The state sponsored Operation Safe Stop program was created in order to prevent student pedestrians from getting hit by a car. Officials explain that many children have been struck by a vehicle when getting on or off their school bus, especially when they try to cross the street. Parents, police and lawmakers teamed up to improve safety for kids by passing driver safety laws and forming programs such as this one. The law in New York State says that it is illegal to pass a school bus that has its red lights flashing. This law applies to all vehicles, including cars, trucks and other buses. Many yellow school buses have added a red stop sign that swings out on the driver’s side when the red lights are activated. However, this is not necessary and the law applies even when there is no stop sign or if it is broken. The requirement to stop for a school bus with flashing red lights applies to vehicles approaching from in front of as well as behind the bus. It even applies to vehicles on the opposite side of a divided highway with many lanes as well as in school parking lots. Experts say that whenever the red lights are activated, it means that the bus driver is letting students on or off the bus, creating a potentially dangerous condition should the child run across the street. They note that the shorter height of kids prevents drivers from seeing them, especially when they walk out from behind a tall bus. The goal of the Operation Safe Stop program is to bring awareness to the law and the dangers of passing a school bus. Ultimately, organizers hope that the awareness program will prevent accidents, injuries and wrongful death by cracking down on reckless driving behavior. Police say that tickets with hefty fines will be issued to dangerous drivers that do not obey the law. If you witness illegal driving, such as illegally passing a school bus, contact the police to report it. If you or someone you know was injured due to a negligent driver, you have the right to contact an accident lawyer to discuss your case. Local police throughout the area are planning on participating in this safe driving program on April 3, 2014 with high hopes of preventing pedestrian accidents.

Illustrative photo by Bernd Moehle (Flickr: School bus) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Pedestrian accident in Brooklyn causes multiple injuries

New York – A two-vehicle car accident caused injuries to at least seven victims, many of them pedestrian bystanders. Police report that the car crash began when one the of the vehicles hit an SUV truck in what appeared to be a routine accident in a busy Crown Heights intersection. One witness noted that the first car caused the accident when he ran through a red light at the dangerous intersection. However, the SUV then jumped the curb and was pushed into several pedestrians who were standing on the sidewalk. That vehicle then hit a large metal pole and came to rest after slamming into a light post. The initial pole collapsed and was run over by the SUV, possibly causing some of the injuries. Witnesses explained that accident victims were scattered everywhere and ambulances were immediately called. One of the injured pedestrians apparently suffered a partial foot or leg amputation during the accident. She was rushed by paramedics to a trauma center hospital for treatment and emergency surgery to try to repair the injury. One of the drivers in the accident suffered a head injury and also required emergency treatment. Further details regarding the injured victims and the nature of their injuries have not yet been made available. Investigators are also still looking into the cause of the accident and who was at fault for causing all of the injuries. Meanwhile, local activists complained about the lack of safety and careful driving in this dangerous area of Brooklyn, NY. Some have asked for increased police presence and stiffer punishments for reckless driving. Public safety proponents say that a reckless driver, especially one that causes a serious accident with injuries, must not be allowed to drive again. At the very least, serious consequences but be in place in order to protect the safety, health and property of innocent bystanders.

A similar truck accident in Brooklyn occurred only 2 weeks ago. In that motor vehicle crash, the driver of the truck hit a car and that car was then pushed up onto the sidewalk. It then slammed into a pole and then finally stopped. In the meantime, the truck then hit 3 additional cars. Several crash victims were injured in that accident according to reports. Safety advocates say that these accidents are proof that police, lawmakers and city engineers need to do more to prevent accidents and punish dangerous drivers. Check out further details about the recent Brooklyn car crash here.

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Driver causes accident while going wrong way on New York bridge

New York — One person was killed while several others were injured in a five car accident on the Tappan Zee Bridge this past Wednesday. According to state police, the motor vehicle crash occurred as a result of one of the men who was driving the wrong way on the bridge. They say that the wrong-way driver was travelling south in his SUV on the northbound roadway when he crashed into a car. The other car then rolled over and killed one of the passengers and seriously injuring the driver victim. Three other vehicles were subsequently involved in the pile up during the accident, causing multiple injuries. Reports show that at least one of the accident victims suffered a spinal injury while a trauma specialist notes that further evaluation will be necessary to determine any other injuries to the other people. It has been pointed out that some injuries from a motor vehicle accident do not become fully apparent until days or even weeks after the trauma. Accident investigators were continuing their search for the entire cause of the car crash, including why the man would have driven the wrong way on the highway. Highway safety activists have wondered if proper signs and preventative devices were in place to avert such a dangerous condition. They note that other high-profile car accidents have occurred on New York roads due to drivers going the wrong direction on the highway over the past few years. Some have blamed these accidents on a combination of dangerous drivers that should not have been allowed to drive and confusing on and off ramps. They warn that there is often a lack of signs or other barriers to prevent drivers from entering the highway in the wrong direction. Safety advocates have been challenging the federal, state and local authorities to deal with the hazardous condition, noting that it is their responsibility to do everything possible to prevent accidents and injuries. They exclaim that highway accidents are often more serious, causing more injury and death that other crashes due to the high speeds involved. Investigators say that motorists are more likely to be speeding on an highway and this very often contributes to accidents. Read up more in this article about the recent deadly wrong-way car crash.

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