Pedestrian accident in Brooklyn causes multiple injuries

New York – A two-vehicle car accident caused injuries to at least seven victims, many of them pedestrian bystanders. Police report that the car crash began when one the of the vehicles hit an SUV truck in what appeared to be a routine accident in a busy Crown Heights intersection. One witness noted that the first car caused the accident when he ran through a red light at the dangerous intersection. However, the SUV then jumped the curb and was pushed into several pedestrians who were standing on the sidewalk. That vehicle then hit a large metal pole and came to rest after slamming into a light post. The initial pole collapsed and was run over by the SUV, possibly causing some of the injuries. Witnesses explained that accident victims were scattered everywhere and ambulances were immediately called. One of the injured pedestrians apparently suffered a partial foot or leg amputation during the accident. She was rushed by paramedics to a trauma center hospital for treatment and emergency surgery to try to repair the injury. One of the drivers in the accident suffered a head injury and also required emergency treatment. Further details regarding the injured victims and the nature of their injuries have not yet been made available. Investigators are also still looking into the cause of the accident and who was at fault for causing all of the injuries. Meanwhile, local activists complained about the lack of safety and careful driving in this dangerous area of Brooklyn, NY. Some have asked for increased police presence and stiffer punishments for reckless driving. Public safety proponents say that a reckless driver, especially one that causes a serious accident with injuries, must not be allowed to drive again. At the very least, serious consequences but be in place in order to protect the safety, health and property of innocent bystanders.

A similar truck accident in Brooklyn occurred only 2 weeks ago. In that motor vehicle crash, the driver of the truck hit a car and that car was then pushed up onto the sidewalk. It then slammed into a pole and then finally stopped. In the meantime, the truck then hit 3 additional cars. Several crash victims were injured in that accident according to reports. Safety advocates say that these accidents are proof that police, lawmakers and city engineers need to do more to prevent accidents and punish dangerous drivers. Check out further details about the recent Brooklyn car crash here.

Photo by Coolcaesar at the English language Wikipedia [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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