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Police officer injured on the job in motorcycle accident

New York – Investigators are still looking into details of a hit-and-run accident that seriously injured a police officer. The cop was working as a motorcycle officer at the time of the car crash. Officials say that a car slammed into the side of the motorcycle during the collision, sending the cop flying into the air and falling onto the ground. The broadside motorcycle accident caused critical injuries and sent the man to the hospital. The driver of the car then fled the scene and was tracked down shortly thereafter by another patrol officer. The hit-and-run driver was arrested and will likely be charged with leaving the scene of a motor vehicle collision with injuries as well as possible reckless driving. Meanwhile, the injury victim remains in the hospital in stable condition but unable to work. It is unclear on whether or not he will be able to return to work or if he will be out on disability for an extended period. According to sources, he may even be left with permanent disability due to his work injuries. A worker who is injured at work usually has his injury and healthcare expenses covered by worker’s compensation. However, some workers find that they require the assistance of a worker’s comp lawyer to help ensure that they are given proper care. In addition, it is sometimes necessary to file a workman’s comp lawsuit claim against the insurer. This article shares more about this motorcycle crash.

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Bus crash in Queens killed three and injured over a dozen more victims

New York – Two buses collided during a horrific motor vehicle accident in Queens that left three people dead and at least 16 more victims injured. The bus accident occurred when a private charter bus was speeding through an intersection and hit a New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) bus that was loaded with passengers. Officials say that the private was empty from passengers and only the driver was in it at the time of the crash. The driver of that private bus was killed in the accident along with a pedestrian struck and trapped under the bus and a passenger from the MTA public bus, all of which suffered fatal injuries in the collision. In addition to these fatalities, emergency crews reported that another 16 people suffered various wounds from the bus collision, including passengers on the Q20 public bus and pedestrians nearby.

Members of the public have expressed outrage upon hearing that the driver who caused the crash had been fired from his job as a bus driver with the MTA approximately two years ago. Even more concerning was the reason for which he had been fired. Officials note that the driver had been a drunk driver in his personal car when he hit two other vehicles in Connecticut. He then fled the scene of that crash but was eventually arrested for that hit-and-run accident. Safety activists want to know why the man was allowed to retain his driver’s license, let alone a license to drive a bus. They warn that lax attitudes toward such dangerous behavior is exactly what leads to deadly crashes and pedestrian accidents such as this one. Additionally, they want to know if the private bus company did their due diligence in looking into the employee’s driving record and criminal history. Some feel that it is negligent to allow such a dangerous driver on the roads and be responsible for so many lives. Read this article for more on this bus accident.

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Long Island man killed during car crash while walking his dog

New York – A pedestrian who was walking his dog on a suburban street in Nassau County, Long Island was struck by a car in a hit-and-run accident. The injured man was rushed to the closest hospital emergency room but doctors were unable to save his life. The victim’s accident injuries were so severe that he went into a traumatic cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead shortly after arriving in the hospital. According to reports from the car accident scene, the man driving the vehicle hit the pedestrian victim and his dog just after midnight. He apparently fled the scene of the accident, which is a felony when the car accident involves personal injuries. A New York accident attorney notes that the charges can be even more severe when the car crash kills the victim. In this case, police say that the driver who caused the accident initially left the scene but then returned for an unknown reason. Police arrested the driver and report that he tested negative for alcohol or drugs. These factors can improve the chances that the man can avoid more serious criminal charges, such as drunk driving. However, according to the accident lawyer, this does not protect the driver from a civil lawsuit such as a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

It will now become the job of investigators to determine what caused the deadly accident. Common causes that will need to be further investigated include the man being a distracted driver due to talking on a cell phone, texting while driving and eating while behind the wheel. Experts also explain that the driver may have become tired and fell asleep behind the wheel, possibly more likely due to the hour at which the motor vehicle accident occurred. Public safety advocates say that drivers are responsible to pull over to the side of the road for a rest period if they are tired. Driving while tired can be a form of negligence that endangers the safety of everyone else on the road. Reports show that the man had just finished work in a local hospital when and was on his way home when the car collision occurred. Police may need to speak to his co-workers and his supervisor in order to determine more about the man’s behavior prior to getting into his car to drive home. Check out more details about this deadly car accident here.

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Westchester, New York pedestrian injured in assault with a car

New York — A routine argument about a traffic incident between two men from Yonkers turned into an assault with injuries. Police report that one of the men attacked the other’s car with a baseball bat but then turned his rage toward the man himself. The first man hit the other man with his car and then fled the scene. The pedestrian victim suffered injuries after being struck by the car and then falling off the hood of the vehicle nearly 100 yards away. The assault victim was then treated for his injuries while police searched for the hit-and-run suspect. Reports show that the man was caught and charged for leaving the scene of an accident with injuries as well as for assaulting the man. A top accident lawyer in New York City explained that the driver can also face a civil personal injury lawsuit in addition to the criminal charges against him. Police note that the charges are more severe in this instance than a normal hit-and-run accident since this is being classified as a physical assault. In an unrelated New York car accident, a woman is also facing assault charges for driving while distracted by her cell phone. In that car crash police say that the woman was apparently trying to surf the internet from her mobile device when she lost control of her vehicle and crossed into oncoming traffic. Her car struck another vehicle head-on and caused multiple injuries to several crash victims. One of the passengers of the second vehicle is reported to be in critical condition due to a head injury from the crash. The woman was criminally charged for causing the accident as well as for driving without a license. This motor vehicle accident may also leave the distracted driver facing an personal injury accident lawsuit from the victims in addition to the police charges pending against her for assault with a motor vehicle. Details about the crash are available in this article.

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New York City bicycle accidents on the rise

New York — Earlier today a bicycle crash in Brooklyn claimed yet another accident victim’s life. Bystanders believe that a truck driver was at-fault for the dangerous collision when he was speeding and turned into the bicyclist. The flatbed tow-truck driver reportedly stopped at the accident scene for a few moments but then got back into his vehicle and fled before witnesses could stop him. The hit-and-run accident left the injured victim in critical condition and emergency services were called by local residents. The man died on the street while waiting for the ambulance to arrive according to his family. According to analysts, this crash was yet another bicycle collision the growing list that have been occurring in the busy city. Some believe that reckless drivers will cause even more accidents as the New York City bike share program puts even more cyclists in harm’s way. Some observers have warned that the program hasn’t done enough to prevent injuries, such as providing easily accessible helmets or proper warnings about the dangers of riding on city roads. A man was hit by an SUV cab driver when riding a shared bicycle only three days after the program debuted. Traffic safety experts say that one of the major problems is that drivers don’t safely share the streets with pedestrians, bicycles or even other cars. They say that drivers are often distracted by cell phones and texting or they are speeding and weaving through traffic dangerously. The alleged hit-and-run truck driver from today’s bicycle accident was found and arrested within hours of the incident. Criminal charges as well as a likely wrongful death lawsuit are pending. A video and updated article about this crash is available here.

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